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  1. Congrats to Pappy lol. You make me proud kidd you are a very gifted athlete and i no you will prove the doubters wrong.Work hard and get The BIG BLUE turned around.I have watched you play and grow up and you have spent a lot of time at my house with The Boys.Congratulations again and good luck at KENTUCKY.
  2. I think the Tigers have a legiate shot if they can keep shooting the ball well.Also they must stay out of foul trouble to have a shot.I have seen South play a number of times this year and they have been impressive in each game except the game at Corbin.They didnt shoot the ball real well that nite and if Barbourville can get them on an off nite it could be interesting.The point guard matchup is even in my opion.Both guards do an outstanding job in running there teams offense.I no these two teams may not meet but i would just like to hear every ones opinion if they were to meet in the regional tournament.
  3. I think Lynn Camp will be a lot better than people think.They return 7 starters on both sides with an outstanding running back in jr to be J.Roskopf.Plus they have all 5 starting linemen back on offense.Not saying they are the favorites for state by no means but they will be rite in the thick of things again for there district title.
  4. My opinion is yes.Although the win over UGA tuesday nite helped his chances i think UK is still not out of the water yet.UK has a offense that will just put you to sleep its that boreing.They just stand around and watch for someone else to make a play.And by the time they start to run a play the shot clock is down to 5 or 6 seconds.If they dont start stepping it up and showing more passion they are in trouble.Because just like the tv analysts said they are going to get everbodys best shot because everyone circles the game on there schedule against UK.I hate to say this but i think UK will be looking at the N.I.T.I just dont think they can get into the NCAA tourney with 6 losses already.Hope they prove me wrong.
  5. This one should be another close game between to old rivals.First time these two hooked up at Lynn Camp the Wildcats edged the Colonels 71-62.That was about a month ago and since then both teams i think have improved some.I look for this one to come down to the 4th quarter.But i think Lynn Camp has a little more experience so im going with the Cats in this one.With both teams needing a win the Cats sweep the Colonels.LC 69 Whitley Co 66
  6. Congrats to the Mt Lions on there big win.Just dont put to much into this win cause Corbin is a average team this year at best.I have seen Corbin play several times this year and i wasnt very impressed.But again congrats to Pineville they are the better team.
  7. Oh my mistake i thought it was at SL.Paper had Desales at SL.
  8. Wow this is a shocker to me.Not counting SL out by no means but this goes to show when you are the defending CHAMPS you get everyones best shot.Maybe a bit of a wake up call for the Cards.What really surprised me was SL losing this one at home.A loss like this could serve as building block or it could be hard to over come.Im sure SL will learn from there mistakes to night.SL will be fine im not a big SL fan but they are still the team to beat.
  9. I thought LC played a lot better defense tonight.They were getting back on defense and not letting KC have easy baskets.The inside game for LC was the big difference in this game.When KC tried to double team DIXON he did a good job of kicking the ball back out to the open man.Huge win for LC hope they can keep improving and put 4 quarters together against B-ville.Lynn Camp could be a very dangerouse team in this district tournament if the can do the little things right like rebound and play defense cause they have the talent to upset some teams.
  10. Lynn Camp will be pretty good again.They lost 8 Seniors but have all five starting linemen back and a 1000 yard rusher back in Joe Roskopf.They also return there front seven back on defense.The offense will return six starters back.With a good off season hitting the weights the Cats could be right back in the mix for a district and regional championship.
  11. No im not sandbaggen at all.I think its going to be another good year for the Cats.
  12. No one is transferring its just rumors me and LC99 are both around the team about everyday including the coaches.Every year i hear stuff about hes going hear or someones going there.99% of the time it never happens.
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