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  1. Sorry about that. I guess I didn't make myself clear. I realize the Rock has had more success over along period than JC. When comparing JC to the Rock, I meant JC was just as much of a mountain school as the Rock. Heck, I'm not sure I consider Rockcastle County as really being in the mountains. Foothills maybe, but not true mountains. Who knows I may be setting myself up to get a real geography lesson on Rockcastle County. I just know that when I travel there I don't remember crossing any mountains once I get west of 75. And I agree that JC does not have anywhere near the history of the other schools mentioned. I was only considering the current level of program (not historical level) and JC's current level is pretty darn strong I'd say. Maybe I'm wrong however.
  2. Johnson Central too! I consider them a mountain school (every bit as much as the Rock) and JC definitely would be in my top 5 list.
  3. Or perhaps your post is another example of someone not carefully reading all the posts before he/she posts. :fire: As I read the original and supporting posts, no one is saying the rule applies to "no one else but me"; rather, the original post questioned the logic of the rules relating to checked baggage weight. Other posts have wondered why if weight is so important that they will make you shift 5 lbs from one bag to the other, the airlines aren't concerned with passenger and carry on baggage weight or the distribution of that weight. I'm just an old country boy and hadn't thought about that until I read this thread. I'm interested in learning what Birdsfan finds out. My brother flies out of Lex and when he returns my call, I'm going to ask him too.
  4. That's great. Congrats and I agree it looks like good things are continuing to come to PD. Who were some of the impact players whose names we should be looking forward to hearing in the future, if you don't mind saying?
  5. The chances of digging up a diamond are greater when you take 1500 shovels of dirt vs taking 200 shovels of dirt and the chances are greater of getting a Chris Lofton when you are choosing from 1500 boys vs. choosing 200 boys, is it not? I think classification is coming to all sports in Ky. This push in football is going to spill over. It was slowed down in basketball with the advent of the All A Classic. Hey, wait a minute. Lets leave football as it is, no changes at all. But we create a mid season tournament. We'll call it the "All-Don't Want To Make the Committment to Win, but want to Say we are Champions Classic". Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket. Seriously, this quest to have multiple kids say they won state championships has gone overboard. No I don't agree with the poster that said that winning a state championship even if its only against 4 competitors is meaningful. If so, then lets just play intermural sports. Society repeatedly heaps more respect and praise on the persons, teams and units that win despite being the underdog; on those that worked harder to overcome their opponents advantages. To succomb to the current logic permeating the KHSAA and the coaching ranks, is nothing more than the underdogs surrendering and admitting defeat, which is just awful. It teaches our kids the absolute wrong message: a victory, any victory, is better than a hardfought loss. Which it most absolutely is not. The coaches want to restructure the classifications not for the kids, but so they can say that they won state championships in my opinion. Most kids that I've coached down this way relish competing against the best to measure themselves. I just don't understand this thinking, but then, I've never understood the dumbing down, lets worry about self esteem, lets not even keep score so there are no winners and losers, lets not decare a valedictorian because it breeds unhealthy competition between classmates kind of mentality. My granddaddy , who coached down here for years, has to be turning in his grave over this stuff. I'm glad for his sake he already passed on, for this would surely kill him.
  6. Perhaps Mr. Schlosser also didn't feel any need to rush and vote anyways. My cousin who is good friends with a person on the State Board from down here says the State Board doesnt meet again until December so as long as they get all the information together before the BOC's meeting in NOvemeber, there would have been time for the BOC to still vote at the November meeting. By waiting to vote in November, it would have also allowed some fo the passion to die down a tad. From what I read in the Advocate Messenger, both sides after the vote said there was still an opportunity for compromise.With the BOC now voting against the wishes of the delegates, seems like we have another feud brewing that could divert energy away from compromise talks or even worse eliminate the ability of the KHSAA staff and the BOC to negotiate a compromise. Not sure how willing Mr. Sears is going to want to listen to any compromise talks headed by the BOC. I reckon everyone on the Board shoulda listen to this Schlosser fellow.
  7. In order to make things as equal as possible, how about a simple rule that says any student who lives within 20 miles of any high school, public or private is eligible to play without setting out a year. A school's BOE would of course be permitted to decrease that range if it so decides. Simple, all treated the same unless that school's BOE wanted to restrict who could enroll. Of course kids who live within the 20 mile range but outside the school's boundaries would be out of district students and would have to pay tuition but would be eligible to play without sitting out a year. If the 20 mile rule is fair to the privates, it should be fair to the publics.
  8. I think a nice compromise to the problems people have raised with this proposal would be to have it modified to say that if you have attended the school district of the high school from at least the 4th grade onward that you can participate in high school sports without having to sit out the year, even if you live outside the 20 mile redius of the private school or the designated territory of the public schools. Using Guru for example, as long as he starts Guru Jr. in the Beechwood system in the 4th grade and keeps him there, then in won't matter that they don't live within the territory or if he wants to send him to NCC because he has been brainwashed by all them Bred fanatics on here, as long as he started Jr. in a parochial school that is a designated feeder of NCC by the 4th grade, then it should not matter if he is living outside the 20 mile rule when he hits high school. Whatya think? This modification is fair to the kids that don't live within the 20 mile rule but have attended the school district for some time and obviously are not attending the school as a result of being recruited, but eliminates the public schools concerns that the private schools are recruiting good athletes or have access to good athletes from a very wide terrritory. I think we call this the "Piggy Compromise of 05".
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