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  1. Are polls not based upon predictions? Therefore, making your statement contradictory.
  2. I was a part of the first two WYMT tourneys a Knott Co. I actually met my Wife there in January of 1995. I went every year until they started flip-flopping it with Perry County. Since 1995 I have lived in Perry Co. and would still rather see it where it started. I'm not a big fan of breaking tradition, I think it started at Knott Co. and should have stayed there. They took away from the tourney when they started that IMO. It will never be what it once was, especially for me :thumb: Quote:"Knott Central is a long way from the London/Corbin area. How long has it been since the Redhounds
  3. As for as polls go: The intent is to "predict" the best teams in the state, correct? What good, then, is the state tourney if you feel the best teams aren't in it? Isn't the top 20 poll a "prediction" of the top twenty? Therefore, by picking one team from each region you would be just as, if not more so, accurate would you not? However, your top 20 would be a good guage of who could be there come March. As far as the Hypo goes: You'd just drop them from the top twenty just like teams get moved out of, or into, the poll right now. Power rankings increase and decrease do they not? Teams ris
  4. No apology necessary. I was just wanting to make sure you understood my reasoning. (Not that it makes any sense :thumb: ) That part of the equation would be the same as it is right now. However, you would only be changing one team from the top 20 instead of say 12. As usual, in this regard, it would still be a prediction. To me it would just appear to be more accurate with at least one team from each region in it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to lower or up the "rating" for any team. Leave their ratings strenght alone. This would still let us see who should come out on top in
  5. Therefore, proving my point. They aren't, nor will they probably ever be. Thus, A poor system. Just because a team has a poorer power ranking doesn't mean they will not see Rupp Arena. By the same token, a high power ranking doesn't gaurantee a spot in the final tourney. HYPO: I suppose we could abandon the district and regional tourney's instead. Then we could have a tourney with the top 20 power ranked teams playing in it. Which truefully does makes better sense. Perhaps we could realign the Districts and Regions each season to encompass the top 20 ranked teams. Then we could definatly
  6. It what way was it amusing? Quote: "I may not be interpreting your post like you intended, but are you saying that we should only have a rating based on the favorites to win each region? If that's the case, then the 14th region will always be in the top 20.....or top 16 in this case." Correct. My point exactly, each Region would have a team in the top 16. Why does Cantrell also power rank each Region? IMO, It's pointless to do so, if one team from each Region is not in your top 16. It may be a hilarious suggestion? However, year in and year out how many top twenty power ranked teams
  7. Yes, but how often and how accurate are those ratings? I never follow Cantrall's rating system. Simply because, ratings or not, I can gaurantee you come march one 14th Region team will be in the top 16 teams in the state. Does this fact ever get a 14th region team ranked in the top 20 in the state? If someone ever puts out a rating system with at least one team from every region in the top 20 then I'll buy it. No offense Professor I know how you intended your post and it makes sense that way. I do believe teams from the 14th can play with anyone, however, they seem to fall to the way side come
  8. I think you are correct there Professor. I believe all grade school tourneys, both boys and girls, pre-season and post-season tourneys are played there. If I'm not mistaken PCC girls and boys basketball teams use the gym for practice from time to time, where practice schedules may conflict. Other sports may also use it occasionally such as cheerleading and volleyball. They try to make good use of it. Best Gym in 14th hands down: Morton Combs Athletic Complex, Hindman, Ky. But then again, I am a little bias :thumb: Will have to check out Letcher's new facility. Do not know about its
  9. I feel you've misunderstood the question. Or, perhaps, I have in saying the 14th Region will always be looked down upon, for good reason, by the rest of the state. When was the last time a 14th Region team won a State Championship? Something like 1955 or so? Some little school like Carr Creek? This IMO is the underlying point of the question. 50 years and counting ladies and gentleman - So, yes you can say this is a weak Region. This Region, back in the day, competed state wide with even our smaller schools: Hazard, Vicco, Hindman and Carr Creek to name a few. Present day, however, has teams l
  10. Congrats to Bobby Owens of Knott County Central :thumb: Check out the stats: 134 pts. out of a team total 245 pts. for 0.546% of team total. 1816 yards in 9 games out of a team total 2139 yards for 0.848% of team total. 9 games / 151 attempts / 1816 yards / 20 rushing TD's. Averages: 16.7 carries per game / 201.7 yards per game / 12.03 yards per carry. 1 receiving TD / 4 two point conversions. 3 INT's for 72 return yards. He set a few new school records along the way as well.
  11. 4A - Saint Xavier 3A - Lexington Catholic 2A - Owensboro Catholic 1A - Newport Central Catholic Tie: 45 pts.
  12. Can't wait to hear the score of this one. I hope the game is closer than most on here are predicting. I'll go with the so called underdogs: Somerset - 28 Newport CC - 26
  13. 5 - Bardstown 3 - Lexington Catholic 3 - St. Xavier 1 - Somerset 1 - Owensboro Catholic 1 - Belfry 1 - Bowling Green 1 - Trinity Tie: 40 pts.
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