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  1. I agree. All current members should not participate and then what would be the arguement that this is for the small schools. This tournament was designed for the small schools. They have almost destroyed it. People will eventually lose interest if they do not change something. Touchstone should just sponsor the warmup state tournament. Everybody is almost in it anyway.
  2. The inside game could crucial. If Owlsey can handle the press. The Owls will win. If not the owls half court game will be to much for the tigers.
  3. Coach Hall is doing a nice job. This is a rebuilding year for the bobcats. He knows that all that counts is the tournament anyway. I believe he will unload on the Wolves.
  4. Key fact. Close games are won from the foul line. Lee missed 9 in the last :52 seconds against JC. Big Fact!
  5. Not to bust the bubble to Lee. Owsleys traditional school spirit is back. Lee County had the big Momentum on their side earlier this year. Now the tide has changed, This group of boys are a team now. Owsley by 10. Go get them Owls.
  6. Owls great job. From the top down. Team effort. What a crowd in booneville.
  7. This spells trouble for Lee tonight against Jackson City.
  8. Robert Smith hands down. He has made Owsley a competitive team. Gilbert is good no doubt. Smith is an all around player and floor leader.
  9. Big games means time for big players, Robert Smith is the big player. Owsley winning in this one by 8.
  10. Go get them Owls. Coming together at the right time. All A.
  11. Lot of people buy into that but if you watch Hoosiers. 10 ft goals and same dimensions. Lee College Gym could make a differnce but This could backfire on Jackson. Sounds like this game could make some big bucks.
  12. Bottom Line Coach Hall know the games. He has been one of the tops teams for the past 2 years and one shot away from winning the region at Breathitt against PCC. He works hard it is just a rebuilding year. as for winning the Middle School tournament. It is a great accomplishment nothing to take away from it. But the facts is it is not varsity level. Perry County has 13 Middle Schools I think. Breathitt 1. Those 13 make 1 come high school. Most large counties in the state have multiple feeder schools. It was an accomplishment nothing taken away from that, Coach Doug Noble does a great Job at SM
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