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  1. Two of our favorite players didn't even play. P.J. Burrowes and Justin Stewart. Ask Corbin if those two can play ball or not. Another thing I will say this Bell has out Coached Middlesboro ever since Dudley has been there. We have better players, but Bell has the better coach. One more thing we have 2 coaches that use to coach at Bell that wanted there jobs back this summer but Dudley wouldn't get them back. That looks very suspicious to me...:confused: One more thing why want Bell play us later in the year, because we get better as the year go's along, Brian Milam will say that also.
  2. Middlesboro, Corbin, Rockcastle Co, Bell Co, Belfry, Ashland, Mason Co, Breathitt Co, Lawrence Co, Prestonsburg just to name a few. I would still take the East over the West...
  3. You can tell you don't know much of football, because three of those starters didn't even play against Bell. By the way I still think you have problems. So who's your team since you don't think Middlesboro is good enough. By the way Middlesboro is the 6th most winningest football program in the State of Kentucky where's you team on this... By the way with the all-county remark I would take those players over any of the Bell players... :fire:
  4. If your trying to say that I don't get out of the mountains you have that totally wrong, bud. I probably get out of the state more than you do. Bottom line East side fans I think this guy is pretty much jealous that his west side teams are no comparison to our great East teams. By the way I would like to see your team play Bell Im sure they can't beat them. Look below: Once again look what we have done even when Bell beats us: 1998 State Champs 1999 State Semi's 2002 State Semi's 2003 Most and likely State Semi or farther. I think you have problems....:sssh:
  5. Yea Capps got hurt but he will be back for the KCC game in 2 weeks were off this week. We needed this off week to get some of our injured players back for the last 3 games left in District play... Alex Hale plays WR and I think DB, he broke up some good passes that Corbin threw, I was very pleased at how he played Friday night, I think it was his best performance...
  6. I thought it would be pretty funny to do this. Yea I think there all capable of being on it, everyone of them....
  7. Cawood, Allen, Burrowes, Idol, Patterson, Stewart, Beeler, Hatfield, Adams, Bruner, Capps, Hale, all from Middlesboro......:ylsuper: :fight: :ylsuper:
  8. Don't forget that Middlesboro has a Daily paper also. It's called the Middlesboro Daily News.....
  9. Eastboy's Top 10: 1. Boyle Co.(#1 till they get beat) 2. Bell Co. (They are for real this year, and Dudley is Hungry for another State Title.) 3. Hoptown 4. Paducah T. 5. Highlands(There back this year.) 6. Mason Co.(Will surprise alot of people.) 7. East Jessamine 8. Lex. Cath. 9. Rockcastle Co.(Lost alot of key players last year.) 10. Bowling Green
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