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  1. I heard that the head freshman coach, Mike Wagner ,was made an honorary alumni
  2. Originally Posted by Blockbuster Congrats to Phillips. The reason he will struggle to get more offers from D1 schools is his size. He is pretty much maxed out in terms of height, weight, speed, and strength. He is dominating at the HS level, but at the D1 level most everyone is 6 inches taller, 30 pounds heavier, and just as fast and strong as him. And no matter what anyone has ever said...size does matter. You must not be a small guy, you will never know what it takes to be an athlete that is smaller than most. It takes twice the work and twice the heart. I guess you have never seen Maurice Jones-Drew or Darren Sprowles, both are 5'6. they both must be terrible players because they are small right. I mean thats your logic, size is everything.
  3. Hey, has anyone ever seen that 5-5 runningback for LSU. I think his name is Trindon Holliday. man, he is way to small to play d-1 football. I w
  4. You are right that is a lot of points for Trinity,but I wonder how many were scored on the 2nd,3rd,strings? I believe the first string was only scored on a few times.I think it's great that Coach Bean puts in the younger guys to get them ready for next year. Also I think some points were scored on the special teams
  5. I agree with you about Trinity's team reloading and last years team being good...however, I would like to know when the Defense gave up "a lot" of points?
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