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  1. Your right Im getting older than I thought. I believe it was 2000-2001. Boy this makes me feel old.:scared:
  2. Dakatah moved to the ashland area his 3rd grade year. His brother played at Ashland High School. Darrell Arbaugh. He signed with Furman University in 2003.
  3. Coach Biggs, Drew Mcdavid and Matt Thomas are a class act. I would like to wish the entire Ashland Team good luck the rest of the season.
  4. We don't like the things you are saying about Dakota. You have not see him play much if you think he gets rattled. Dakota and Chad have lead their AAU team to five strait State Championships.
  5. The Royals are young and they will be bounce back. I dont know many freshmen that could have 14 rebounds and 12 points and consider it a bad game. Dakatoh keep working hard!!!
  6. Does anyone else know what funtowatch means here or am I the only one born yesterday. At my age that does sound pretty good though.
  7. Dont panic just because the YOUNG royals had a minor set back. We all knew that this was going to be a season where they can beat anyone, and get beat by anyone. They are making progress faster than any of us thought they would at this point. I believe they will bounce back and have a good game at Ashland. Although a win would be great, I think a strong showing would be just as good at this point in the season on Ashlands floor. Russell didnt panic when they got beat by Boyd Co. and the royals shouldnt now. It is disappointing not to get to go to EKU but they will have many more chances. Keep
  8. I agree that is better to develope players. It is always better to pick a starting team out of two teams. My question is this. Do you think that Greenup County has ever, or will ever get over the Mckell, Greenup, Wurtland fued? I believe this is why it is such a hard place to coach. I heard so many people say they should have been two schools. One in South Shore and One on the property that Jesse Stuart was donating on W-Hollow 3 miles out Route 1 in Greenup. I have enjoyed the middle school rivalry's over the past several years, but lately my thoughts have changed. I know the kids get over th
  9. Greenup county has 2 middle schools that feed the high school programs. Is this a plus or does it cause conflict at the high school level?? Should they play each other???? :argue: and :fight:
  10. More like a 2nd Dad, but who's counting. It is all in good clean fun and he has gotten a kick out of it. Some people have to look at the Dark side of everything. isnt that right "The Blonde Weasel Bomber Thrilla Vanilla Man child":ylsuper: :ylsuper: :ylsuper: :banana: :banana:
  11. Easy boys. :argue: :argue: Look what you got started DUCK!!!!
  12. I Think If Russell draws Greenup, There is a good chance they may not be at Morehead. Greenup played russell tough at home. A team going through so much adversity and still winning will be scarey come District time. But of Course I always wish ex Rose Hill players the best. :thumb:
  13. Then why dont we call Hulk Hogan, Terry Lacarty or Dusty Rhodes, Virgil Runnells, or Conway Twitty, Harold Jenkins. Not saying that he will be a famous as these people but its fun having nicknames.
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