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  1. Is that the image everybody saw last night? What were his stats?
  2. I think that is a fair statement. We do indeed get better every time the ball is snapped. Kash gets a lot of the attention, as he should, but I'm telling you that the addition of Kent Phelps being back this year has made us an entirely different team. Belcher was a good back and a good player, but Phelps is on an entirely different level in all aspects. It's exciting to watch Paintsville football once again.
  3. What else can you say? We were cranking on all cylinders last night. Good luck to SC the rest of the way. Hate to see good people have to go through what they are going through right now.
  4. To be fair, everybody else in the state of Kentucky, in every class, has been ofer against Highlands too. I hope they get this game scheduled. Since it is on a Saturday, I would be able to see this one. xciting to have this kind of talent come to little ole Paintsville.
  5. Good night Easton, I'm missing Hannity and O'Reilly. I'll let you get back to Hillary.
  6. Thanks for the offer but I have my reputation to consider.:thumb:
  7. Personally what I find disturbing is a grown man that has an avatar of a half naked teenage girl. But that's just me. I'm sure you think that's normal.
  8. Be sure not to leave out uninformed, uneducated, and illusional fans such as your self.
  9. You don't need to be an expert on that. It's been a fact for a long time. Matney destroys Ashland game after game after game. Try looking at the past scores. Don't jump around the facts here Easton. Tony was on the chop block last year and escaped by the skin of his teeth. You and everybody else knows it. (Well, probably not you). But by all means just keep coming back with more ridiculous jibber jabber. You're problem is that you are not smart enough to know when to let something die.
  10. You are intent to go with this bashing junk, I see? Ashland is apparently so unskilled in the QB depth charts that you cant come up with anything else to combat the facts. What a whiner!! You are the #1 culprit of a thread going south. Let it die, don't call people out, or try to come up with something intelligent to offer to the discussion if you are not going to do either of the former.
  11. And a coach. It's pretty obvious that it doesn't matter what Ashland puts on the field, Matney eats him for lunch.
  12. And besides I had never posted the first post in this thread until you had to make your smart comment and bring me into it.
  13. And that was the only point being made. It gets bad when another blogger has to make things up because he is not able to contribute intelligently to valid observations that do carry merit.
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