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  1. Where can I find a stream? I'm in Indianapolis until Hopkinsville wins this game. Thanks in advance
  2. In Barker's defens, the O-line has been terrible as well. He really doesn't have time to work in the pocket. Some coaches definitely should be released after today's game.
  3. I don't think Barker gets as many starts as Towles. He hasn't shown that he's an SEC QB so far. I understand that BC isn't playing the tougher part of their schedule at this point but I'll take him (Towles) any day over Barker. It may be a rush to judgment but, that's just my opinion. Barker will not get anymore time in the pocket for the remainder of the year that he's gotten today or the second half of the SO MISS game and he's proven not to be able to handle pressure. I'm still going to root for UK but, I'm also going to voice my opinion harmlessly.
  4. So the coaching staff really thought we were ready to start the season seeking a bowl game?
  5. Yes it's exactly right. What do we have as a backup?
  6. OVC maybe! I'm not here to trash the guy I'm a true fan but he's definitely not the answer. Meanwhile, Patty Ice is balling out in Boston College
  7. The halftime adjustments didn't work last week. Stoops may not be the answer.
  8. You're absolutely correct, which is what I was saying. The bad thing is we didn't make any adjustments so they kept coming. This game could be a blessing as we should have learned a lot from having that lead and not adjusting to the second half defense or their running attack.
  9. Not exactly, I guess the point I was trying to make is that So Miss saw something in the 1st half and made adjustments in the second half. I guess with our big lead going into the half our coaches didn't feel a need for any adjustments. We have talent and I think we're good at the quarterback position, I'm a diehard UK fan so I'm definitely not bailing out after one game.
  10. Didn't look as though Barker was mobile enough when the rush was on. SO Miss figured it out in the 2nd half and he was trash the second half Those numbers for him looked good in the 1st half only.
  11. Thanks for the updates, sounds like it was a good game. Congratulations CCHS, hold your heads high Tigers.
  12. Hoptown lost, I know that still want to congratulate both teams and both nieces... Thanks for that information though but, I got it.
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