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  1. A possible canidate from my own school: Shaun Jackson 6'0 270 OT/DL
  2. its like my favorite bumper sticker i have ever seen: "god, guns, and guts is what made us free i'll fight to keep all three" brings tears to my eyes:thumb:
  3. the right to keep and bear arms is the peoples protection against the government a democracy is based on checks and balances and armed society is the nations check to resist opression and dictatorship
  4. nope coyotes and german shepards hold thier tale the same whistle a dog will always stop and look at something he never looks back as he runs a coyote runs and can put his head on a swivel and look at something and keep moving its true try it sometime even if a wild dog doesnt stop for a whistle i garuntee he doesnt look around orat you while he is running
  5. how do you tell if an animal is a dog or coyote from a distance if you are not for sure?
  6. i am from wilmington ohio 1st weekend in september the clinton county corn festival
  7. a fresh picked persimmon lol i know you dont want any of em for eating unless they are laying on the ground the ones in the tree are not as good am i correct? it has been a while but i can still remember the taste of persimmon pudding my grandma makes
  8. the best automatic handgun ever built is the colt 1911 model it has performed well in every modern war and still going kimber i believe makes the best modern versions of these with custom options and several types compact, target, tactical etc... best rvolver is anything in .357 such a powerful cartridge smith and wesson make the best revolvers for protection ruger is the best for hunting
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