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  1. went right over your head!! A blond had to explain a joke to you, you should lower your head in shame. I'm reporting you to the League of Fellow Men. Then you will get das boot.
  2. It's not my fault you didn't get the joke!!!!
  3. Yes and you know it *girl rule number 1, don't fall for any guys sweet talk!
  4. NO!! I don't want to play anymore. It was 2 against 1. I'm taking my ball and going home.:irked:
  5. Okay you guys be nice!! You don't want to play do you? :devil:
  6. I told you we had our ways of making you talk!!!! We did get it out of you!! HA!
  7. If it's true then you are getting das boot from the Chick Nation!!!!!
  8. Wait a minute!!!! That means FKW was courting the GURU?
  9. $10 bucks a year is not worth the time and energy to deal with repeat offenders. I'm sure alot of mods to pay $10 bucks not to have to deal with some.
  10. This is great!!!!!! Can I have some sneak preview tickets? Hey Former, we will get Cael to do your part, if you don't mind, I spoke to him yesterday and he said he thought he was up to it.
  11. I'm sorry Guru, but I think that is spelled SEEFOOD:burger:
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