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  1. This SL team could go down as one of the most dominate teams in ky hs basketball history if they manage to repeat......who can stay close to them they they are winning over the top 3-5 regional opponients by 40-50 pts...Unbelivable on how good or should I saw great this team is and they are only gettig better!!! WOW!
  2. I like some of these polls thus far. a little different than mine but still very solid. :thumb:
  3. Thats only my opinion, but they have relly impressed me, the also beat a pretty talented Ashland team by 40 or 50. What would everyone elses top 10 look like?
  4. 1.South Laurel(4-1) Key win(s):@ North Laurel 65-47 2.John Hardin(6-0) Key win(s):@ North Hardin 65-48,Doss 56-54,Warren Central 68-57 3.Covington Catholic(6-0) Key win(s)@Dunbar 69-58,Lafayette 60-49 4.Jeffersontown(7-0) Key win(s):@Male 64-63. 5.Elizabethtown(6-0) Key win(s):@Fairdale 65-56,@North Hardin 85-42 6.Scott Co.(5-1) Key win(s):@Ballard 69-64,Henry Clay 94-72,UHA 86-68,Holmes 77-69 7.Doss(6-1) Key win(s):PRP 67-46,Manuel twice 67-43 & 90-87 8.PRP(7-1) Key win(s):Shelby Co. 66-58 9.Shelby Co.(6-1) Key win(s):Trinity twice 37-34 & 51-45,@Madision Central 55-63 10.Barren County(3-0) Key win(s):Ohio County 62-56,@ AC-Scottsville 43-39.
  5. East-Barren Co. West-Seneca North-Apollo South-Oak Ridge Barren County Oak Ridge Barren County Tie-140
  6. I'm not positive i'm assuming around 23ppg and about 11rpg....I know they played 4 games and one of those games he had 32 points so he's up there stat wise. He's a good/experienced leader on that team. I don't follow Betsy Layne a whole lot but I believe they ar 1-3 thus far this season.
  7. Brandon Kidd-Betsy Layne eaisly the top big man in the 15th IMO.
  8. I like Johnny Mathis-Male, Some may not agree but I believe he is won of the top PG's to ever play in that region, he's a Creighten now I believe
  9. Wanted to come up with a good thread, so I figured this would be an interesting one for everyone. Top 25 players in your region since 1980?? Your opinion.
  10. I respect your opinion as well, and I guess thats just my opinion. :thumb:
  11. I think personally he is the Best player in NKY and the region, and by being rated #4 for a player of his caliber that is underrated, there is no way that there are three better players than Penick in the 9th region & in NKY. Do you honestley believe there are three players better than him(2 Juniors) in the region, he could be the top D-I prospect in Ky. So IMO he is underrated! :thumb: Who would you have for your top 5-10 in this catogory??
  12. I'm almost positive he starts, he was one of the key players on Paintsvilles team last season, and probabily thir second best player this season behind Slone. I f he dosen't then there is something more going on at Paintville that I'm un aware of.
  13. Should be a top 3-5 player in the region and the second best player on the paintsville Squad behind All-State Soph. Landon Slone, IMO a top 10 Soph in kentucky and wasn't even rated as on of the top ten plaers in some of the pre-season polls...he was robbed eventhough everyone in the 15th knows his name/Game...he was rated #11 in the BGP ratings, best shooter in the region, will earn a scholarship after high school at a respected college program, Maybe not as big as Slone, but along wit Mr. Slone, a backcourt that will be great for Baskeball fans to enjoy in the Mountains..
  14. 1.Dan Penick-Ludlow 2.Jamarr White-Shelby Co. 3.Andrew Howard-O-Cath 4.Dale Easley-Jeffersontown 5.Michael Bottems-Mercer County 6.Darius Baughman-Danville 7.Shanade Allen-North Laurel 8.Alex Williams-Letcher 9.Matt Thomas-Ashland 10.Shane Grimm-Paintsville
  15. I'm not sure I can name 5 top lefthanded guards under 6 foot in the state. :irked:
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