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  1. I know that comparing scores in football isn't the best way to predict the outcome of a future match-up, but JC and Wheelersburg have one common opponent: South Point, OH. JC defeated South Point 34-0, while Wheelersburg won 23-0. Just something to think about...
  2. Just curious as to what big meets you have attended? I am sure as an alumnus of Marshall you had the chance to watch the WV high school state tournament and the WSAZ tournament both of which are held in Huntington. I don't know if you have ever been to the KY high school state tournament, but if you don't find that particular meet exciting then you don't have a pulse. People who have never watched a wrestling meet, that for some reason or another get conned into going, tell me that it is one of the most exciting events they have ever been to. Granted most local meets can be rather long an
  3. I remember Jim Matney beating a fairly decent passing team from Leslie County with a QB named Couch while at Sheldon Clark.
  4. Jacob is 3-0. Pinned Shane Milam (McDonogh) in 32 seconds. Next match is the quarter finals against #7 seeded Jordan Burroughs.
  5. Anyone have results from the Wayne Co. Duals? According to another website Fern Creek posted a perfect 5-0 record. I also read that Malcom Jackson (Fern Creek) teched Eric Bryant. Did anyone see this match?
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