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  1. I agree. I don’t know much about him but “legit” seems fitting. Looks like a great hire. My only concern is longevity and not having to do this again any time soon. As I’ve stated before, I hope he plays a role in the junior league and is involved with the community. There’s no question he can coach. I believe he will, and that great things are in store for the birds.
  2. They are going to be very good in 2 years. Anyone who’s been watching, hopefully potential coaches, knows there is a lot coming. Both in talent and numbers. 7-8th had over 90 kids playing.
  3. So the kid jumped around to 3 different schools in 3 months, ends up back where he started, and loses his sophomore year of eligibility in football because he wanted garbage time at CovCath so desperately? Do I have this correct? Who the hell is advising this kid. Back off and let him have a life. Wow.
  4. Agreed. But I really don’t think anyone takes what is said on here seriously. It’s the opinions of the same 5-6 guys for the most part. Is it productive, absolutely not. But I think most can recognize that its just the ramblings of some folks with too much time on their hands. Highlands is a great job and the community support is amazing. Any coach who wouldn’t come here because of a single parent who is supposedly a poison pill, is not a coach worth hiring. This applies to any overzealous parent or community member. And they’re everywhere, not just Fort Thomas. You put them in their place, end it, and do your job.
  5. Doesn’t it make more sense that just maybe, of the multitude of candidates, Lickert was not in the top 5 or whatever. And they’re talking to their real number 3, 4 or even going back to 1? This isn’t a knock on Lickert. It just seems irresponsible to assume, and post negative stuff about the guy if he wasn’t even in serious consideration. I’m sure he’s bummed he didn’t get it, there’s no reason to make it worse.
  6. So what constitutes a “young coach”? Just curious. Because Lickert is 41 or 42. Barth is a couple years older. Weinrich was about the same when he got the job. I don’t really consider these guys young coaches. But thats just me. I’m also curious why this thread assumes Lickert was the number 3 choice, and the fact that they haven’t hired him means there’s bad blood or he has skeletons.
  7. Can’t say I see anything salty. I must be missing something. Looks like pretty standard fair for a coach on Twitter.
  8. Eddie James and Chris Wolfe. That’s the number getting tossed around in the fort. Maybe it was 23. Maybe 25. Who knows. I’ve heard 24 was the number from numerous people in passing and bs’ing about the hire. I’m surprised it’s the first you’ve heard, considering how quickly word travels. Maybe it travels slower during covid.
  9. Haha. I wish. If I had that kind of intel, I wouldn’t he on here refreshing every 30 minutes to see if there a new coach yet. I think everything that I’ve stated is common knowledge to most around the program and community. Wolfe has been EVERYONE’s number one choice since before BW was even let go. I’ll know who the new HC is as soon as all of you do.
  10. Pretty good company for an unattractive job.
  11. How so? Do you know who all applied? They turned down 22 candidates. I’m sure a number of their names have been floated on here. They wanted the job. Who was number 3? We don’t know. We do know that Wolfe was on the fence, and supposedly wanted more than they were willing to offer. But he was interested. James was willing and then freaked out. I still don’t see any evidence that supports your claim.
  12. Says who? It’s not the end all be all, but it’s a great job. They got their number 2 man, and he got cold feet. There’s a reason why “Highlands” was written on a folded up piece of paper he kept in his wallet. I fail to see how anything that has transpired would lead someone to believe it isn’t an attractive job anymore. Because Wolfe turned them down? Highlands is probably the only school he would even consider. And apparently he did.
  13. It’s an attractive job for the same reasons it has been for the last 60 years. Just because they’re in a drought doesn’t change that. It’s the best public school system in the state. It’s ranked as the safest city in the state, while also being 3 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Property values never drop, there’s great community support and top notch facilities. And Highlands has their own junior league / feeder system. That’s why 24 coaches applied.
  14. Well none of us are making the pick for one, and my positivity level will not impact the selection. I was thrilled with Eddie James, and even more so after hearing his press conference. There is a reason he was asked about the junior league and what his involvement level would be. It’s a known issue. Same reason they asked him about platooning, it was a known issue. So to answer your question, I would prefer a younger coach, a high energy guy who can generate some excitement, who’s out there in the community and involved in 3rd-12th not just 10th-12th. And what exactly was handled 3 years ago? Certainly not BWs level of involvement.
  15. I would never say that. And I haven’t suggested it. I have only suggested that whoever the coach is, if they’re fortunate enough to have their own feeder system, needs to participate in it. Know the kids, the coaches, etc. Weinrich didn’t do that. I can’t fathom why he would choose not to. And then people wonder why highlands doesn’t draw kids anymore and why others leave. Their jr league accepts kids from any city, that’s a huge advantage, and they get them. But then they leave and go back to their district high school or somewhere else. Maybe having the HC around, talking to them and showing players some attention, would allow Highlands to keep some of those kids.
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