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  1. Top 2 from each division I believe.
  2. Bye, rest and preparation would seem to make the most sense. Time will tell.
  3. I don’t even know who these teams are.
  4. George Rogers is 3-6. Madison is 3-7. Butler is 1-7.
  5. All I’m saying is that I don’t understand the RPI. Losing by 1 point to the 1 seed, smoking the 2 seed, and having a far more competitive schedule doesn’t seem to add up. That’s all. Obviously they have to prove it. But explain the math.
  6. Not really following the RPI. Highlands hasn’t lost to anyone except for Ryle by more than 8 points. And that was by 14. Comparing competition level doesnt add up. They barely lost to McNick who just got their first L tonight and they beat Bowling Green. Who did Conner and Cooper play outside of NKY? No one with a winning record.
  7. In a season like this with so many covid DNP’s and injuries, what I see right now, is what I expect to continue to see.
  8. Conner and Cooper did nothing this evening to disprove that theory.
  9. If the RPI is already out, it’s pretty much settled. But if the last two weeks are any indication, it a 2 team race between Highlands and CovCath.
  10. Sophomores and a junior made up all the scoring for Highlands. Soph qb to soph wr twice. If they would have counted Class’s TD, it would have been 3 soph to soph hookups
  11. I thought Campbell was a junior. Thats what MaxPreps says.
  12. I’m hearing 21-0 birds in the 2nd quarter.
  13. Do any freshman teams stream their games?
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