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  1. I am going to go with my heart over my head with this prediction....Brossart by 3. I think the Mustangs have to keep this game in the low 50's to win it. If Clark is able to speed the trio of guards up then big advantage for CC. Rebounding will be the deciding factor in this game and Govan must make it hard for Bush. Hopefully will see a good one tonight!
  2. I know one thing - this is going to be one of the best atmospheres in the state Thursday night. Rolling with my Mustangs in a close one!
  3. St. Henry is the favorite to come out of the bottom portion of the bracket in my opinion. Looks to me like the top part of the bracket is much tougher than the bottom but anything can happen in high school basketball. Somerset will want to be careful with Gallatin as they are more than capable of knocking them off. Personally will be pulling for the Mustangs but their road to Sunday will be extremely tough. Would love to see a Brossart St. Henry Championship game on Sunday though! Looking forward to a great tournament!
  4. First post and one I am extremely happy about, congrats to Ethan on a great accomplishment! Very nice win for the Mustangs as they continue to roll!
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