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  1. NKy Representatives Maggie Jones - Simon Kenton (8th Region Miss Basketball Candidate) Jayla LaBordeaux - Lloyd Memorial Tyra Murphy - Conner Jade Simpson - Holy Cross All 4 of these young ladies were present at the NKGBCA banquet.
  2. The game that was scheduled for April 11th has been cancelled. A lot of Ky. Miss Basketball candidates in this one. Love the NKy representatives. Who in NKy should’ve made it that didn’t? Before everyone starts saying Maddie Scherr, I believe she’s already committed to a couple all star games. I believe the rule is a limit of 2 (?).
  3. Being that there’s a Ralston on the roster, disgruntled parent?
  4. Sacred Heart in a close one. I believe S. Laurel matches up well, especially now with the big in the middle able to play.
  5. Not gonna lie. Looked like AC might have gotten away with not 1 but 2 fouls before that last bucket
  6. Agreed but maybe not a bad thing. Most champions have that game that was a little too close.
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