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  1. When Ohmer was a freshman NKU wasn't where the are now...they had to recruit to get better players...during that process of getting better they had to have heard of this local kid from Scott High that could play...NKU is not UK so Ohmer should've been on their watch list...Ohmer beats 2 teams in the region solo and goes on to have a historical run in the Sweet 16...you guys can use every excuse you want about scholarships etc...NKU was slipping point blank...and I'm not from NKY...I'm a guy w 2 eyes that's seen a lot of talent and if Jarrod Polson could play at UK....Jake Ohmer should've been recruited by NKU.
  2. I understand but Jake been ballin for 3 years..should've been on their radar...I'm all for kids staying close to home if possible...but hey he landed at a great spot and I wish him well.
  3. I've stated numerous times that NKY missed out on Ohmer...so when WKU signed him once again the Norse missed out.
  4. WKU is a springboard to higher jobs...always been.
  5. What has Stansbury accomplished at WKU? You don't get a top 10 job for accomplishments 10yrs ago...what has he done lately...great fit for WKU tho.
  6. Ain't like Ohmer jus started showing the bluegrass he could ball...been putting up numbers since soph year. Still should've been on the Norse radar....mayb he was but once again they missed out on a hometown hero. #TebowEffect
  7. I guess this puts to rest if he's D1 or not...a lot of people get it confused...there are 350 D1 schools...seems all get UK or UofL in their mind when they think D1...well deserved.
  8. I watched Cooper play in the Traditional Bank shootout over the Christmas Holiday and sat behind Cooper's bench...their coach gets maximum effort from his team...with 2 starters out w injuries they still won that tourney w quality squads...the wifey and I said they were going to win the Sweet 16 if those 2 guys came back...not changing my pick...and we are Greyhounds#Cooper
  9. My wife caught me on the phone at 3am...she asked who I was talking to...I said Jake from Scott High...she snatched the phone from me and said...what are you wearing Jake from Scott High...Jake simply stated a cape!!
  10. Correct...how ever many games he coached against Paris he lost...I personally like the young man but they under achieved with the talent they had.
  11. He put in the work but when your cross town rival beats you 12 str8 that's cause for concern.
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