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  1. Rumors out of Meade Co. are pretty bad. Chezney Weick may be out for a pretty long time due to his recent injury. Going to be hard to overcome his loss without going through some significant adversity. Someone has to step up in his absence, but it is starting to feel like no one is anywhere close to being ready. Not having Weick is no excuse for losing to North Hardin in blowout fashion. It's soul searching time now.
  2. Tough break for Meade Co. as I heard on the radio broadcast that Chezney Weick suffered an ankle injury and did not play against E-Town. Meade controlled the game with a 14 point lead at one point in the 3rd quarter, but gave the lead away (and some) down the stretch. While Chris Armstead may have the biggest upside on the team, I do feel that Chezney Weick is the one player Meade can't do without at this time. I know this sounds like a broken record, but the E-Town loss may be another one that needs to be highlighted with an asterisk (key injury).
  3. After a full slate of games last night and some losses by a few key teams, I feel strongly that Meade Co. is worthy of being higher up in the rankings. Meade's only two losses in the region were its first two games without a very key player. I'm not explaining those losses away entirely, but I do think that Meade is probably worthy of at least being in your #4 slot in the rankings.
  4. Meade County is starting to get healthy. Cooper Crump has returned to the team from an injury after having a solid season last year as an 8th grader. Looks like Armstead is starting to pick things up after suffering a pre-season injury and missing a few games (don't think he's all the way back yet, though). Going back to the win against Breckinridge, I believe that the Waves are 6-2 over that period. They will only get better over time, especially if Armstead can return to the level of play he showed in AAU ball and in the pre-season. I firmly believe that a healthy Meade County is better than Ohio County (lost a close one to Ohio Co. without Armstead and Crump) and should be contending for your #4 spot in the rankings before long. I also throw out the loss against O Cath since it was without Armstead. Hard to tell how that game would have gone if he had played, but the lopsided loss was due to a massive number of turnovers that he certainly would have helped with. I'm combining all of that with a win against your #1 team to make an argument that this team is potentially better than your current ranking shows.
  5. For a second straight season opener against Ohio County, Meade Co. was without a key player. Last year it was Schwartz, this year it was Armstead. Armstead suffered a minor injury (ankle) in a preseason game, but I hear he may not be out too long. Meade dominated early, but the offense got stagnant in the second half and one would have to assume that Armstead could have helped. If Armstead is available against Owensboro Catholic, then we should get a better feel for how they match up against the rest of the region.
  6. Just watched Meade Co. handle Louisville Eastern fairly easily today in a preseason game. After watching them today I really think they have a chance to compete with Breckinridge for the District title and could be a contender in the region. Chris Armstead was incredible and showed that he has the potential to be one of the top players in the region. He had a decent AAU season this past year and it looks like his game has just gone to another level. He's an athletic 6'2" wing/guard with crazy speed and elevation. He's starting to get interest from some schools and there may be a lot more if he continues to play this way. Along with Armstead, they have a few kids that can handle and score the ball pretty well. And they are all around 6'1" to 6'3". The bench looks to be deep as well. Meade really surprised me with what I saw today. I didn't expect it.
  7. I agree with your thoughts on the team rankings coming into this year. But the player rankings are so much more difficult to figure out. Case in point is Aiden Matthews, who nobody knew about coming into the season last year and ended up being the 3rd Region's only Associated Press All-State player selection (Honorable Mention). He didn't make your pre-season top 15 (I don't think), but who really knew what to expect from him. From my perspective, he was the best All Around player in the region. I'll be watching out for who comes completely off the radar this year and makes a significant impact. I'm sure you would agree that there will be some! Poole is definitely the top known returning commodity this year and that kid is phenomenal for his size around the basket. I look forward to the season and sharing thoughts!
  8. The big question is who will fill the shoes of Aidan Matthews, who is now playing at Asbury University. Matthews was a dynamic player who was the 3rd Region's only AP All-State Player last year (Honorable Mention). Replacing his 20 Pts and 8 Rebs a game will probably not come from one player, but will need to come from the team collectively (especially the scoring). Sr. Chris Armstead needs to show that he can consistently score the ball this year. He transferred to Meade Co. last year and there was a definite adjustment period. He did show an ability to affect the game at times, but he needs to do more damage out on the wing. Spending time on the AAU circuit this past summer should help some. They also have a couple of really young guards who got tons of experience last year as 8th graders. Sr. Chezney Weick has the athletic ability to be physically dominant at the forward position in the 3rd Region and I'm sure the coaches are hoping that he gets closer to reaching his full potential this year. Crump is another Sr. forward (an occasional previous starter) who missed all of last year due to injury and could be a key factor for the Green Wave this year. Though I'm not sure how far along his recovery is at this time or what his role will be. The big question/key I believe is offense. The team appears to be quicker and a bit more athletic (overall) than last year, so will they press more with the hope of creating transition opportunities? That would be my guess. Meade will certainly turn to a new chapter after losing James Baker (Morehead St.) a couple years ago and Aidan Matthews (Asbury) last year. Will be interesting to see if anyone can step in and pick up where those two left off.
  9. Don't know much about the Sullivan kid, but he did put up a massive number of field goal attempts according to KHSAA (3 point FG% could be better for a guard) . Not an overall reflection of him as a player, because I heard he's pretty good. But sometimes PPG can be misleading.
  10. Good luck to Apollo at Rupp. Barker did an excellent job of getting his team ready for postseason. Here is a list of the top 5 scorers and rebounders for the 3rd Region, as of today. Scoring: (1) Poole (Breckinridge) 23.6 Pts (2) Nofsinger (Muhlenberg) 23.3 Pts (3) Moore (Butler) 21.7 Pts (4) Matthews (Meade) 19.2 Pts (5) Gardner (Owensboro) 17.7 Pts Rebounding: (1) Patterson (McLean) 9.7 Rebs (2) Wright (Trinity) 8.6 Rebs (3) Matthews (Meade) 7.7 Rebs (4) Parker (Butler) 6.6 Rebs (5-tie) Gray (Apollo) 6.4 Rebs (5-tie) Parker (Ohio) 6.4 Rebs Matthews was the only player to make the top 5 in both categories, but did not make first team all region. I wonder if the distance between Meade County and Owensboro played a part in this. I also think that Matthews being off the radar coming into this season played a role. It is fun to talk about what we expect before each season, but I think we put too much emphasis on early season rankings. It's hard for a kid in Meade to get noticed when you are so far away from the center of the 3rd Region universe I don't want to point out any particular player comparisons because I'm sure they are all great kids who had tremendous seasons. However, I would argue that two of them are clearly not more worthy of being first team over Matthews (eye test, stats or otherwise). ApolloFan98 - Had a great time following you this year. Awesome job! Great job on your tournament predictions as well.
  11. I agree completely with what you saw in the Meade/Apollo game. Meade played Apollo in the Summer varsity league at Apollo High School (back in June I think). Matthews hit shots from everywhere on the floor that day and Apollo had nobody who could guard him. I think Apollo won that one, but it was very close. I'm sure Apollo remembered quite a bit from that game. I don't think Meade was in any way affected by the thought of playing Apollo. They played an extremely tough schedule outside the 3rd Region (many from the tough 5th region). Central Hardin is a team similar to Apollo and they beat them pretty handily in the final regular season game. While the team did not handle the stronger competition very well throughout the year, Matthews always seemed to perform at a high level in all of those games. The stronger the opponent, the better he seemed to play. Meade did lose in a blowout to Catholic very early in the season. They had some major ball handling issues in that game, where they turned it over time after time right underneath their own basket for easy layups (it was almost comical how bad it was). I think Meade was down 16-0 before they got on the board. I assure you that a more recent matchup between those two would not result in a similar score. Meade improved a lot over the course of the season. It's hard to gauge the Meade Co./Daviess Co. game. Close game until somewhere in the 3rd. Too many turnovers and some hot shooting from Owen (I believe). The problem with Daviess County is that they can blow people out on a hot shooting night or lose to anyone when the ball isn't dropping (no size at all). I'm being honest here when I say that they really didn't look much different than last year when Meade beat them twice (with and without James Baker). Maybe they were a little quicker, but smaller this year.
  12. Very good point dognation2 and much agreed. It looked like Meade allowed the box and one to dictate things too much early in the game. Other than maybe an offensive putback attempt, Matthews didn't take a shot in the first quarter. I didn't see how Meade could win a game like this if he was going to be a non-factor. Some of the other kids certainly have had some nice games recently, but they can't carry a team the way he can. I think somehow that got lost and I'm not sure how. It just looked like they needed to get Matthews involved earlier even if he had to force things a bit. He got Gray in foul trouble and off the floor, but the guards weren't looking for him when he had a size mismatch. I would not have allowed that to happen. He is your best player and you need to get him going. Don't know how effective Apollo can be against other teams who have more scorers, but the box and one last night had the effect of taking the head off a snake. I was surprised by how good Apollo looked last night. They certainly have size, but quickness might be an issue.
  13. Great game plan from Apollo last night with the box and one on Matthews. Gray wore Matthews like a shirt the whole game (he was so close that it looked uncomfortable at times). One time he got his feet tangled up with Matthews as they were running down the court after a made basket. They were nowhere near the ball. Matthews fell forward into Gray and an official called him for an offensive foul. Completely unintentional. Gray was too close and underneath him. That kind of sums up how the game went. Graham was a beast last night. I didn't expect to see him play that well. Apollo played faster than what I expected as well. They packed in a tight box and one zone and it helped to cover up any quickness issues on defense. Great job by Apollo last night. Seems like they are playing at a totally different level right now.
  14. Great recap. I'm excited for this tournament and especially the first round game between Apollo and Meade. That should be a fun game to watch. Great to see Matthews get some solid recognition here. In the District Championship on Friday he had 19 Points, 12 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 3 Blocks and 3 Steals. Kind of a typical stat line for him. Who has consistently put up the kind of numbers that he has in this region? I'm not just talking about scoring, I'm talking about a complete all-around player. At 6'5", he has great size and length and can also shoot from the perimeter. At no time did I ever feel like Matthews was not the best all-around player on the floor in Meade's 3rd Region games. Kobe Poole is a pure scorer and is a different type of player. If we are looking at scoring only, then I think Poole is the best in the region because of his FG%. Poole's FG% is over 51.3% and he does damage from everywhere on the floor. I think he compares favorably to someone like Nofsinger who is shooting 40.7% from the field. Nofsinger takes about half of his shots from behind the arc and only shoots 36.3% out there (OK, but not great). If comparing those two, I'll take Poole who is a special player to watch. Against very good teams outside the 3rd Region, Matthews had some huge games. John Hardin (38 Pts, 10 Rebs), Louisville Valley (33 Pts), Louisville Doss (great all around game with 19 Pts), Central Hardin (Double Double). Being outside of Owensboro doesn't help his cause for sure, but I think he is the best all-around player in the region this year.
  15. dognation2 - Sorry about that. I didn't realize that the 17th District Championship has not yet been settled. That's a tough District! I'd lean toward JH in that game especially after having a tough game last time out.
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