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  1. Playing really well as a team right now ... keep it up Bluejackets
  2. Awesome!!!! It doesn’t take long to get hooked Deuce ... whether you are a hunter or not ... and with today’s equipment it makes it even better ...
  3. Awsome my man ... I love my lighted nocks too ... wish they were around 30 years ago , I wouldn’t have lost so many arrows over the years ...
  4. They are young ... so it’s all about the fireworks Doc , enjoy them I guess ...
  5. Good shooting Thrills!!!! Way to get it done ... went out for a couple hours this morning seen a couple does and turkeys ... hated to leave but so much to do at home ....
  6. I will be there ....shot my bows this morning .... good luck to everyone this season !!!!
  7. Nicholas had way too many penalties in the grid to stop a couple drives but they have done a really good job the past two games with only a handful of penalties combined ... that has been huge with keeping the sticks moving forward instead of backwards.... still a lot to work on but coming together pretty well ...
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