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  1. Well I guess he had a bad night last night. Was giving two or three balls outside the zone. Hitters forced to chase bad pitches. Wouldn't allow batters to call time and step out of the box even when pitcher was not in his windup. Roesel even questioned the reasons on that one. Definitely not sour grapes. It was a nicely played game. Connor experienced the fluctuating strike zone in the bottom of the seventh inning they were not real happy with it either. Just saying it would have been nice to see a better called game behind the plate.
  2. Then I stand corrected... I will yield to your many years of wisdom when it comes to your knowledge of coach Roesel....lol
  3. Let me clarify I know he cares and he's dedicated but he is a big picture guy not individual accolades and that is fine it's the way it should be. Just saying lack of information doesn't help individual players sometimes for these Awards.
  4. Any update on game yet? I know Ryle was trying to move the game up to Monday to avoid a rain out on Tuesday. Not sure how many games Beechwood can spare. I know they're almost at the max.
  5. Ziegelmeyer Scattered 4 hits over 8 innings 8 ks 0 earned runs...Zack Mann double off center field batters eye view for go ahead run in top of 8th.
  6. Zig has 5 HR I believe....That's just it Ryles coach doesn't submit stats...he could care less. So no publicity...and Ryle can't play in all "A" classic so no one knows.
  7. Ziegelmeyer is perhaps the most overlooked of all of them. Best defensive first baseman in region hands down. Hits the ball well for average with homerun power. Also one of the top pitchers in the region. The nicest kid you will ever meet. Just goes out and does a job and is humble enough to help under classmen become better players not to mention an Excellent academic student to boot. He gets my vote.
  8. Ryle 3-0 in district play... It just feels like 4-0...lol
  9. Craddock pitched? I understand he quit the team previous week. Guess he is back?
  10. Finally commonsense prevails...game called
  11. Game being played in constant down pour....not quite sure why...pitchers slipping all over the mound??? Game should be suspended... Not worth injuries.
  12. Both Ryle and Campbell County were to be part of the tournament....other teams dropped out of the tourney that were scheduled to be in the same pool. Rather than not play at all they both decided to play each other anyway.
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