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  1. Will he suit up for Highlands this year?
  2. So we are talking three years from now? You can't predict anything from 3 years from now. Below average coach with a low average basketball program they will still stay around 7-10 best program in NKY!
  3. Beechwood made the region two times since 1996-97 season! He is good but not that good to take them to the region!
  4. I will tell you this right now he is good but he isn't good enough to make Beechwood top 5. I can name 6 schools right now that Beechwood wouldn't beat!
  5. Will Brent Angel be suiting up for Highlands this year?
  6. If he goes to Beechwood= no college basketball future!
  7. I believe if he was smart he would decide between two schools Cov Cath and Cooper. To be honest with you I think he would be smart if he went to Cov Cath. Look at the last three years at Cov Cath. They have one of the best coaching staff in the state maybe one of the top 10 in the country.
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