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  1. That's a fair answer. Not sure why they weren't nominated or chosen.
  2. And which one would you rather see on that list? RB? If you have one in mind.
  3. I guess Im just a little bias. Woody Langford, Austin Pedroche, Austin Lauterbach not making it or even as honorable mention. To me and IMO only, they should have been on that list.
  4. Lex Cath? How about the old Run and Gun of Houston Cougars ( Late 80's with Andre Ware )? Or Baylor of today? Can score from anywhere, not the biggest team and some might call a weak defense.
  5. Craig still has some ties with some of the Lexington schools, so I wont be surprise if Russ ends up playing for one of these schools. Lafayette because Craig knows the coaching staff and their program right now is playing at a high level with Walker Wood, Jedric Wills ( UK commit ) and Quinton Brown. Lexington Cath has Legend Brumbaugh as their QB and his dad is the UK D-line coach and Russ is a UK commit and of course Craig's old stomping ground, Bryan Station... So we will see I guess.
  6. Excellent athletes on this list, but IMO there were some athletes that were left out and should have deserved to be on the list. Not saying who and it really doesn't matter. Good luck to the seniors that made the list and bless you all playing in the next level.
  7. So he is moving back from Ohio? C'mon man if he does move, it will be one of the Lexington schools that are contenders.
  8. Yes Sir, Scott Co is in, just as Franklin Co, Boyle Co, Garrard Co, Jessamine Co, Clark Co, Woodford Co, etc....
  9. Contested? Not sure Sir if you watch the entire highlights, but there were several contested catch. Some he blew by the one on one coverage. Please refer back to these highlights 32 sec, 57 sec, 1:50, 3:41, 3:54, 5:13, 5:55, 6:08, 7:04. I understand you are entitle to your opinion, but if you refer back to those highlights you might have a little 2nd thoughts. Just saying.
  10. I can only speak for the local ones in town. Feel free add from your local CKY teams. Lafayette: QB- Walker Woods, WR- Quinten Brown, OL- Jedrick Wills and Alex Simpson, LB- Ian Shaw Lex Catholic: QB- Legend Brumbaugh and Kirk Fagot, OL- Woody Langford, LB- Jack Fagot, Austin Pedroche, Sid Sharp, Austin Lauterbach, Eric Foster
  11. Lex Cath did beat Boyle Co @ Boyle, Central @ LCentral and thump undefeated E-Town, so I say yes they were the best out of the west. And you say Lafayette, sorry but they came out of the east and they would have not played Central. Central is 3A and Lafayette is 6A. :no:
  12. No disrespect to Union College, but with England size and decent speed... No interest/ offers from an FCS schools or even some MAC teams?
  13. IMO he will fit in well with a team from MAC conference.
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