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  1. I'm glad I'm wrong on the numbers. I hope it has absolutely NO impact on this years team. I hope that it has already been "flushed from the system." I just can't believe that it happened in the first place. I have no idea of any problems this year. My concern about "culture," was the "culture" in which players did not want to take the field in the second half against beechwood. I'm sure there were all kinds of reasons this occurred. The thread is comparing this years team to last years. I just hope that whatever caused several of the players to want to quit, has been fixed.
  2. You know the same people of which I'm referring. EVERYONE knows about the Beechwood game last year. I have no idea of what is currently going on, other than it didn't seem like the same team that played ryle, played the cincinnati schools. I'm just saying that a team wanting to quit mid-game last year is kinda a big deal.
  3. There were several problems these last couple years correct? It ultimately culminated in half the team threatening to quit during half time, of a game against a rival school. All kinds of things were going on that were counter productive to success, according to an unbiased parent whose judgement I trust. A former colonel, who knows the program inside an out, has voiced concern...so I share his concern. I'm no closer to the program than you are. I don't understand why it is sooooo earth shattering that I question the "culture" of a program when half of the team almost a quits....during a game? Something positive is not happening when this occurs.
  4. First of all, unlike you, I'm not "taking offense" to ANYTHING I read on an Internet forum. My "truly honored" comment should have been "truly amazed." Second, I challenge you to point to where I described the basketball program as being a negative? I said it was an aspect (positive or negative) and I stand by that. Third, I hope every student that passes the placement test and truly wants to come to Cov Cath does so. The student body helps make up the "culture." The more students that want to go to school and play football at CCH...the better. I'm wondering why you are laser focused on 2 small aspects that I listed? What are you not commenting on?
  5. I'm truly honored you care so much about what I think. The basketball program is awesome. They are doing some great things. I think the school's intention is to emulate their approach and success. That could very well be a positive or a negative for the football program. What am I not commenting on? I've defined what I think makes up the programs "culture." Whatever you want to call it...it hasn't worked in 8 years and some changes need to be made. You think that a difference in talent alone resulted in the losses to St. X and Sycamore. I think the team could have played much better than they did. Obviously Cov Cath was not going to come close to winning, but I think they could have gritted out a better performance for themselves.
  6. I do think that is of concern as well. I know that more students are on tuition assistance than ever, but the tuition is also higher than ever.
  7. With the emergence of strong programs in Boone county, does Cov Cath get as many BC players as they used to? I was told they do not.
  8. I was intentionally vague because I think the "culture" encompasses so many facets. Coaching transition, parent involvement, years of domination by a rival, where players are drawn from, the focus on basketball, new facilities, strength of schedule, the rumor of players quiting at half time during the beechwood game, coaching turn over, player expectation and attitude, etc all positively or negatively impact the success of the program. I'm just saying the positive aspect need to be retained and the negatives weeded out.
  9. So you didn't notice a change in attitude from the Ryle game to the St X and sycamore game? I'm not talking about the obvious mismatch in talent, but the teams overall effort. And please make no mistake about it. I wasn't making any reference about when I played. Regardless, I wouldnt beat around the bush. The football program was in a much better position back then. That matters nothing right now. But really good thought though.
  10. Pride won't win against far superior opponents, but It would produce more than 10 yards of offense in 2 games. It would help tremendously with their poor tackling. "Spirit" and several other components were lacking within the program under the last regime. The problem is, that culture and mindset is still kinda present. It will take some time to flush that from the system. I think the colonels will be fine, I just hope they can right the ship this season.
  11. Coaching is definitely not the problem. I'm worried about the culture of the school.
  12. I think the talent level and overall mentality are in question at Cov Cath. I know they can obviously turn things around, but it's gut check time. The desire and motivation seems to be sub par. I hope I'm wrong, but the team seems completely defeated. It's not like they are just getting crushed by better teams...it doesn't appear the are playing with pride. Getting manhandled by far better opponents was expected. The way in which they were manhandled is of concern.
  13. My comment about firing the person/persons responsible was a joke because of the above listed info. I will admit that mr Bacigalupo needs a stern talking to...at least. Just kidding.
  14. Who is crying? When has highlands loaded their schedule quite like this? (Actual question). If you can't see the difference in scheduling 1 or 2 Gcl schools per year and the current schedule...
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