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  1. Ball Coach its clear you follow Ballard, I'm really not concerned about you the thread was Male - Manual any thoughts; that's when the Ville 30 said Parker dominates Sutton still waiting on his answer how. He needs to go watch the 8 and 17 Chargers
  2. So you tell me how 17 and 10 dominates Sutton and far as Corey Johnson blocking 7 shots good for him but they would have not won without Eaves and Perry that's who lead them to victory
  3. Parker wasn't the leading scorer so you don't have any idea go watch J-Town
  4. The Ville 30 said Parker dominates Sutton Sutton had 27 and 12 while checking Parker and Parker went down on the end and checked a guard not Sutton
  5. Are you out of your mind? Parker has never dominated Sutton you are so stuck on that Johnson kid from J-Town you cant see straight. Johnson kid is average at best
  6. Brandon Johnson does nothing but shoot game not that good
  7. Who's leading the 7th Region in rebounds?
  8. Plus this thread is not about Spalding scoring or lack of, so lets move on
  9. Well how many rebounds does he get or is that the system too
  10. Maybe because he's 6'10 and only gets 12 points a game that is amazing
  11. Is it safe to say that Sutton is also leading in rebounds as well
  12. With the season almost over who are the top 5 for this honor? Lets keep our hearts out of it!!!
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