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  2. Broadwell for Lee is homegrown and it's seems he is well liked by those who count the most.
  3. Heard any names other than Wright ? My good source says Johnson is thinking seriously of applying again.
  4. Not for sure if Lee is open. Current coach is making plans for summer camps and next season as if he and his staff are coming back.
  5. Is Lee job open. If so who might it be . Hearing 7-8 names.
  6. Don't think he refs anymore but Glen Napier from MC Napier was one of the best and should rank at or near the top. I'm thinking 30+ ppg as a Senior and candidate for Mr. Basketball . Maybe 1978-1980 ....., I'm guessing. Think Erving Stepp beat him out for Mr Basketball . Please correct me if I'm wrong .
  7. Any predictions on the 2/17 game. Lee has one win. They are a very young and inexperienced team . Recent coaches change has left them with a young and very inexperienced coach as well . Things are tough in Beattyville.
  8. Name them District by District and why. Assistant coaches also qualify.
  9. What's going on down there? Any thoughts or comments ?
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