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  1. Congrats to Chance Melton on scoring his 2,000th point!
  2. Yep it's called supporting your kids!!! And standing up for them!! As I said before no Stephens no problem with 20 some sets of parents and spring practice would be goin well. They like everyone on the staff, just don't want him as their head coach !!!!!!!!
  3. From my understanding, majority of the players do not want Stephens. High majority!!! The parents are backing their kids and want Travis and peck to stay out of it!! For the administration to do their job and higher best coach they can find!!! Not for Travis and Peck to decide for the school! Do the process the way it should have been done from the start!!!!!!!!
  4. Ft Campbell was 3-8 ..Monroe was 2-9 LaRue was 2-8 Taylor was 5-6 Russell Co. Was 0-10!!! The year Travis beat them!!!! Whoohoo!!! You are exactly right on Vagas... Adair was just ranked higher in every poll in Ky!!! Sorry for my mistake!!!
  5. All those people u say that are successful in running the football program. Peck loosing record, hired Graves TWICE loosing records, hired Teage loosing record!! They won first playoff game in school history year before last!! Gay loosing record until these players got there!!! Never won a game that he wasn't favorite to do so!! If the players wanted him they would be more than 10 out of 50 and spring practice!!!!!!!
  6. The principal, athletic director, and former coaches (yes more than one) pushing Stephens!! So as of the end of last week Adair had 10 kids at spring practice. Kids have spoken, school system needs to listen!!
  7. That is where Wes Stephens was till last season.
  8. I guess he was coaching in Cumberland Co. Where he was teaching these last few years!!!
  9. Staff... One was a kicker, one hasn't coached in a few years till last season, 2 never even played the game before in there lives, another in his 2nd season, and a collage kid....GREAT GUYS NICE TO HAVE ON STAFF BUT NIT QUALIFIED TO BE THE HEAD COACH!!!!!!
  10. Good guy just not for head coach!! It's not about this year (anyone could coach that team next year to the same record they had last session) it's about the future and getting a QUALIFIED coach for years to come.
  11. Did not say he wasn't there. Just said there wasn't person qualified in that school system. That is to be a head coach NOW!!
  12. My guess would be the assistant there already, or the Middle School coach. I can't see them going to hire Jaggers, when someone in house is just as capabile. Like you said Doyle I see no reason to rock the boat when you have people in hosue qualified and wanting the job. There is NO qualified assistant or middle school coach in the system!!!
  13. Taylor ran the score up on C-ville in basketball. There's been bad blood there for the last couple of yrs in multiple sports!! So it's not just football!!
  14. If Dudley does not want the score ran up on him, he needs to quite cheating and breaking rules!!! Remember they was taping the cvill-Adair game and got caught!! Think it may have been a little pay back!!!
  15. Sorry I was wrong about the three days. But missing school for camp is missing and from my understanding is still against the rules!!
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