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  1. However you spin it the Camels played the teams placed in front of them and played well! Love this team, memories for a lifetime! Go Camels!
  3. So proud of these young men. Still have some work to do Camels! Send off for final ride to Lexington at 2:30pm Today. GO CAMELS!!! WHY NOT US!!!
  4. It really was a heckuva game. When McCracken County scored in the top of the ninth on that line drive double where fielder fell, and a single their side exploded! You really thought all the momentum was in their favor. In the bottom of the ninth they retire the first hitter on the fly out to right, fans for McCracken explode again and you think well it's meant to be. Then St. X rattles off four consecutive hits to win it. Both teams played well and left it on the field.
  5. You are welcome. Sorry I didn't do same in second game, needed to watch son play ball.
  6. F9, 1b to center, 1b to left, single to center-bases loaded #10 into pinch hit, 2 RBI double to deep center of glove of center fielder. Final St. X 3-2
  7. 6-3, K, left fielder slips on line double, Rbi single- advance to second on error, F8. 1 lob MC 2-1 bottom ninth
  8. St. X K, 1b to center, 6-4 FC E on throw, int walk runners on first and second, 6-4 GO. 2 lob MC. 1 6 1 St. X 1 6 2 Top ninth.
  9. MC K, K, roe, line single- runners on first and third, F9. 2 lob 1-1 bottom 8th
  10. St. X Two out triple by #13, pitching change for MC #6 Reece. Runner lob 1-1 top seventh
  11. MC HBP, k, PB, 1b rs advance to 2, 1-3po advance to 3, 1-3po. Runner lob at third. 1-1 middle fifth. MC 1 4 0 StX 1 3 1
  12. St. X gets leadoff single up middle from Elliott, and sac bunts him over. He is stranded there. Still 1-0. Top five.
  13. St. X 2b from Mudd, advance to third and scores on PB. 1-0 St. X. Top 4th
  14. St. X gets one on, caught stealing to end inning. MC pitcher lives 84-85. Off speed all the way down to 69. 0-0 top 3.
  15. #14 for St. X. Lives at 84-85, has hit 88. Off speed 76. MC two on two out
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