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  1. Great halftime adjustments by Hazard coaching staff or they were just sandbagging
  2. As a senior at LexCath, #70 has, I'm sure, seen mis-matches before. He's listed as 5' 8" 220.
  3. Does he ever have an "internal dialogue". I've always heard: "Just 'cause you think it, don't mean you gotta say it
  4. This might be the beginning of the new boycott since LexCath opted out of the agreement with Fayette County Public School System
  5. Since this information was initially reported by the NYT, usually more "friendly" toward the progressives, it's my thoughts that there's a potential candidate that's preferred so they're willing to throw Mrs Clinton under the bus. JMO
  6. If it's a transfer, wouldn't he have sit out the 2015 season?
  7. Lexington Catholic has an outstanding group of wide receivers returning. Any word on who,ll be getting the ball to them?
  8. Nice trapping zone. These seniors started learning that in the 6th gade
  9. Actually just returning from a long hiatus. But thanks, it's nice to be back
  10. Regarding the bracket set up: a bracket such as this could certainly benefit BC come the "real tourney". I think it says a lot about LexCath's respect for your team in that the Rebels were invited.
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