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  1. Shocker that Dixie started their number 4/5. Kerns, Smallwood and Niehaus could only watch. Moeves pitched very well and likely would've been tough for Dixie to beat… but to never get a chance was difficult to watch. Good luck to the Breds.
  2. Pitzer takes a no-hitter and a 3-0 lead into the 6th. Dixie gets 3 in the 6th to tie. Dixie holds in the 7th and gets 4 consecutive singles for the walk-off win. Royce McGee lands the game-winner with no outs in the 7th. CovCath played small ball all day and seemed to have the game in control. Pitzer was gassed at the end and hindsight says a pitch change was needed back in the 6th. Smallwood struck out 3 in 5.2 innings work and Breeden picks up the win pitching the final 1.1 innings. Controversy in the 4th on a play at the plate… Dixie catcher Tyler Albert in the baseline, receiving a throw from left. The runner does not slide and a hip-to-hip/upper body collision has both sides screaming. Albert holds onto the ball and the runner is called out either on the tag or for not sliding, not sure. Could have gone either way and the runner could have been ejected for not sliding. At the end, Albert out of the game with an injury and on crutches at the handshake. Hope he is ok... secondhand report was a bruised thigh. Nice weekend of work for Dixie, 3 wins and the Coach Connor Classic title.
  3. Nitecap game at Dixie Heights in the Coach Connor Classic Tournament. Fieger pitching for Beechwood goes 5, Chris Conradi goes 5 and gets the W for Dixie. 4 or more errors on the infield for Beechwood kept a couple big innings alive for the home team. BW gets 1 in the 1st, Ethan Harrison leads off the bottom half with a triple and Dixie gets 3 to take the lead and never give it up. Big night for Harrison going 3-4. Henry Kerns with a solo home run that everyone except the boys in blue saw. Kerns ends the night 3-4 with 2 triples and 4 RBI. Dixie added 1 in the 4th and 1 in the 5th, then 4 in the 6th on Kerns' bases loaded triple. JT Breeden picked up the 6th and 7th innings for the Colonels, giving up 1 run after a lead-off double in the 7th. Beechwood threatened a big inning in the 6th but could only manage 1 run. Sidewinder righty finished for the Tigers. Timely hitting for Dixie, but the miscues on the infield never let Beechwood get going.
  4. 8 hits for visiting Dixie and 6 hits for Cooper. Kerns gets the complete game win and Wise (sp?) the loss. Some nice leather by Keegan Barmore for Dixie down at third base killed a couple Cooper rallies. Nice looking lefty (Friend?) pitched for Cooper in the last inning. Spectacular diving catch (on the warning track) in the 5th by Cooper's center fielder resulted in a double play and squashed a potential big inning.
  5. The Solomonic wisdom here is pretty obvious. Let the victim & victim parents decide the punishment for the student athletes. Apologize, appeal to their compassion and live with what they decide.
  6. This is a "sensational news" story. Once the local news gets this… and add in the perceived light sentence for the offending athletes, the assumed wealthy powerful parents, the underclassman victim impact, etc… you've got a scandal. Highlands is one of the most recognized high school athletic programs in the state if not the country. They better take that seriously. Hazing, humiliation, golden showers, Highlands… just a matter of time before this one hits the paper. If the powers do not take decisive and hard-line action, it will be much worse than a losing baseball season. Just my opinion.
  7. Congratulations to all players and coaches. Well deserved all around. Ganns & Maxwell are solid selects. But my obvious questions... - How does Nick King from Dixie not even make 1st team? I would've thought him in the running for POY. IMO, he was the best player on the best team. (.425, 5 HR, 32 RBI, 8-0 pitching) - Also... How does Arlo not get Coach of the year? Not even ranked and winning the region & district with a helluva record.
  8. Caple was restricted to the bench. Not ejected. Reliable source… JJ Wurtz.
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