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  1. Like special education, easy classes, just enough to stay eligible? Sure I know about those too.
  2. Are you talking about Lex Catholic game vs Station? If so your late my man... but if your talking about sts up well for Catholic vs Boyle Co then yes. Boyle is tough and it will be a great game.
  3. Talking about a weak schedule. Definitely way below average, I just saw Pulaski Co schedule. With the exception of Scott Co, It is weak.
  4. Joker, let me get your take on this. Few weeks back, I believe you were critical with the LCA fans and student students section. I believe they were yelling/ chanting/ taunting something to the Lafayette players to a point that you can not repeat it here. What's your take on the Station parents/ adults in the stands that began to throw filled up, not empty water bottles and tennis balls on the court after the game? Some here were so critical about the LCA incident, but no one is concern about responsible adults in the stands doing despicable act like last night.
  5. Congrats Knights. Hail Catholic! I guess we were all wrong with our prediction, including myself picking Henry Clay to move on to the Sweet 16... But I guess that's why they play the game and we watch from the stands.
  6. I am not going to bite or fall for that dude. I am sure you know what the agreement and the stipulation. So figure it out yourself. I know the stipulation and that all it matters. Thanks you.
  7. Thank you Bluegrasscard, If people only have the RIGHT knowledge on the real reason... but they all assume it's athletic reason. We'll let them think that.
  8. Hey I am with you, but my opinion is that they have to spread the love. LOL but then again I also have my other opinion but I wont' post. We all know why, but I could be wrong. At least 3 or 4 Lex Catholic should have made that team. Talbott, Johnson, Ryan and the other guard ( Jarrod ). Oh well they play on.
  9. Hey Joke, that agreement was set forth and written by an FCPS district athletic director. Private school agreed to it so they can continue to play each other. For 4 year, private school saw no advantage to it and MORE of a disadvantage and they did not resign. So If you have other facts, please mentioned them or better yet correct me if I am wrong, thank you.
  10. Man, you dissed Lex Cath who has played in 4 straight 4A semi's. LOL (11-3 ) last 4 season, with the exception of last which was 10-4.
  11. And who on that schedule is not tough? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that all the teams made it through the 2nd round of playoffs... With the exception of PLD.
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