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  1. Oh yea, that was Zavion Henderson. He was a senior last year.
  2. I bet you're talking about Dee Cain #25 He was a big kid, 6' 2" and 215+. His senior year was 2015/16. He would line up in the backfield in short yardage situations and he played wideout and just about wherever he needed to play on defense. He's playing at WKU now.
  3. Hunter VanHooser is the leading tackler in Caldwell history with 400 tackles. Previous record was Trevor Davis with 389 tackles.
  4. Final. Coach Barnes gets his 100th win at Caldwell Co and senior linebacker Hunter VanHooser is inching closer to the Caldwell Co career tackle record.
  5. Ft Campbell with a score and 2 point conversion to make it 48-16
  6. Same score at the end of the 3rd with Ft Campbell marching.
  7. Ft Campbell keeps their starters in as Caldwell has reserves in and marched it down the field for a TD and 2 point conversion to make it 48-8
  8. Russ Beshear (freshman qb) runs it in as time expires in the 1st half to put Caldwell up 48-0
  9. Dylan Gray runs it in from 5 yards out. 41-0 5:30 left in the half.
  10. Caldwell up 28-0 with 10:43 left in the 1st half
  11. Don't see this game being very competitive with Caldwell's Defense playing on the level they're playing at right now.
  12. Mouthing about something to the Caldwell coaches and the sideline ref heard him and told him if he couldn't run the box any better than that then they would find someone that would. Then he started mouthing to the ref so the ref stopped the game and had a meeting with with the white hat and then the guy was escorted out of the stadium.
  13. First game I've ever seen that somebody from the chain gang crew got thrown out.
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