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  1. I would say Cooper and Ryle lost more than any team in the 33rd last year. I think Cooper only has maybe 2-3 guys that started varsity last year. Very young at the varsity level.
  2. I guess really not the reward you would want, but they have went through a lot of pitching. I know they have a quite a bit more though. Chiefs did have them go through 4 on Monday. Z. Shannon went the distance in his outing and I have no idea what the used against CBC today. I agree with the format of this tournament 100%. I sat and looked at the brackets a few times and still really didn't figure it out. If Hunter was 100% he would have faced them on Monday more than likely though. Either way, it's pretty nice outing regardless of the outcome by the Chiefs! :thumb:
  3. Chiefs not only in the Connie Mack Regional, but in the Finals. Dunn threw a complete game 2 hitter against Flash Baseball to win 1-0 this morning and Joey Cochran threw a complete game 3-4 hitter against the Riverbats to win 2-0 this afternoon.
  4. I'm going to go off the radar and take 2 Dark Horses. 1. Tanner Verst - Brossart 2. Zach Friend - Cooper Verst has the work ethic, heart and desire to get better, which I feel will be hard to keep him out of this discussion come next year. Friend also has the work ethic and a father that played D1 baseball that knows what it takes and I feel he will also be in the discussions come next year. Keep an eye on both of these boys.
  5. Dunn did not pitch in the first match-up either. He and Ganns only faced each other in the district seeding game and the districts. Dunn faced Boyle in the Doc..
  6. BLUEGRASS CHIEFS Nate Arnzen - Bellevue Brian Dill - Bellevue Trevor Booth - Beechwood Luis Burgos - Cooper Hunter Dunn - Cooper Aaron Floyd - Boone Blake Hamilton - Beechwood Dylan Huff - Bellevue Jake Lawhorn - Cooper Tyler Lyons - Ludlow Michael Mundy - Simon Kenton Mark Peterson - Summit Country Day Todd Ramey - Highlands Blake Roedersheimer - Boone Blake Schumann - Georgetown Jared Seibert - Holy Cross Briley Seiter - Bellevue Nathan Verst - Bishop Brossart
  7. Wow....Number 1.....I wouldn't call that a coach. 2....The parents are either ignorant or stupid. That is really sad:irked:
  8. I’ve only seen the kid a few times and hair aside, he's a player.
  9. As far as getting any special treatment because they are going D1, I would say that's not the case. Dunn is going D1 and he's not on this list. I know he batted .500 for the year with 13 or 14 doubles. He also played in the toughest district along with playing a demanding postion when not pitching. As I agree with the case for King, but I think a case could be made for Dunn also.
  10. Congrats to all the players and coaches! I'm sure arguements could be made for quite a few kids.
  11. Bottom line is that the kid should have hit puberty and have the start of some facial hair. That is usually a good sign they are ready to start throwing more supination pitches. Grips IMO are overrated. The last finger to remain on the baseball on most all pitches is the middle finger, unless your middle finger happens to be in line with your index or ring finger. Depending on the type of change a kid throws would be the only pitch it would not be. I think finger pressure can dictate much more than a grip. JMO on curveballs not creating stress, I would disagree. A curveball is still thrown from the supination side of the baseball. I do agree that a kid can have that many pitches without throwing the curve. 2 seam, 4 seam, sinker and change gives you 4.
  12. Why don't these coaches just teach FASTBALL, SINKER AND CHANGE. That's ridiculous!
  13. rjs4470...As I totally agree with using the gun for health purposes, as I have personally done in the past, I don't really agree with the curveball/slider call. Besides the good ole heater, the only other pitches that create a natural pronation are the sinker and change. The cutter, slider, slurve and curve are all supination pitches which do create the snap/roll over to the natural pronation after thrown. The wrist should be pre-set on the supination pitches. I totally agree with pitch counts, but at the same time every kid is different. Your gun idea is a very good way to see if the kid is tiring. if he is, THAT is when things start to go wrong. I would venture to say that the first thing most coaches look at on "Little Johnny" is the upper half and where he is releasing the ball ect.. When actually they should look at the kids foundation first and work their way up. My first year as a high school pitching coach, we were doing bullpens and the stud pitcher stepped up to the mound. The kid threw 2 pitches and I stopped him and ask him. Does your arm ever bother after pitching? The kid response was "Coach, it freakin kills me". I proceeded to tell the kid why and it was because of his foundation. He and I worked to get him out of that habit and his arm didn't kill him after he threw that year. I do agree with throws from the field after pitching can create potential issues after pitching. If the kid is a top hitter he needs to DH. I've been told personally from Alan Jaeger of Jaeger Sports, that it would be best if the kid throws 40+ pitches, he shouldn't play the field for a couple days after pitching. This is JMO and thoughts on the subject.
  14. Congrats Cougars! Do the 9th proud, but especially the 33rd District!
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