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  1. RCC9 I get your point and have the utmost respectfor what Coach Mueller has done and will continue to do. Bottom line is in my opinion there are Highlands faithful that call out schools for not scheduling them but I feel they do the same thing. In my opinion the schools that do not schedule Highlands and the fact that Highlands does not schedule 3 GCL schools in a season are all valid for those schools. But I felt you are calling out schools for not playing Highlands as if it is some benchmark for their program. Obviously it is not a benchmark for their program same as Highlands playing St. X Elder and Moeller in a season is not a benchmark for the Bluebird program. And hey keep in mind NC was a part of the GCL in the 60's. Just food for thought.
  2. OK RCC9 so as not to shield the Highlands players from reality go ahead and schedule 3 GCL schools next year.
  3. Ok so Brossart should call Dale and try to schedule a game so they are not shielded from reality? C'mon man........
  4. RCC9.......some very valid points and quite frankly nobody is espousing the "everybody gets a trophy" feel; or at least I have not seen it on here. But I do believe that while we all want to "be the best" reality plays a part in this scenario too. Why not play a competitive game (win or lose very much in the balance). Unless you are in 4A that will prepare you more for your playoff type atmosphere than playing Highlands.
  5. I think in another thread it was discussed Highlands is not one to line the pockets of Mr. Gamble. Which I wholeheartedly agree!
  6. 1998 Season: 15-0 HHS 51 Louisville Male 41 W HHS 88 Campbell County 12 W HHS 64 Covington Holmes 0 W HHS 62 Newport Central Catholic 0 W HHS 72 Scott 7 W HHS 51 Conner 20 W HHS 70 Covington Catholic 26 W HHS 41 Dixie Heights 7 W HHS 40 Ryle 7 W HHS 28 Simon Kenton 12 W HHS 63 East Jessamine 12 W HHS 34 Dixie Heights 10 W HHS 37 Covington Catholic 14 W HHS 44 Sheldon Clark 28 W HHS 56 Louisville Waggener 7 W
  7. That was off the history of Highlands since Mueller...............Now Mexitucky I agree with you. Scores were run up during that season. Not the case any more but hard feelings particularly amongst the old guard still exist. And by the way Campbell County was a loser that year 88-12. ABSOLUTELY no reason to put up 88 on anyone.
  8. 1998 Season: The 1998 Bluebirds team was considered the best team in all of Kentucky that year (finishing first in the state, regardless of classification, according to the state's ranking services), and in fact was considered by many to be the finest Kentucky high school football team in state history. The team went 15-0 and won the Class AAA state championship, destroying Louisville Waggener 56-7 in the title game. In the first week of the regular season, HHS defeated eventual 1998 Class AAAA champion Louisville Male 51-41 in the St. Luke Hospitals Champions Bowl. Led by Mr. Kentucky Football winner Jared Lorenzen and Mr. Football runner-up Derek Smith (both Division I-A recruits), the 'Birds set numerous state records, including most points in a season (801), most points in a championship game (56), largest state championship margin of victory (49), highest per-game yardage average (492.5), most extra points in a season (92), most extra points by a player in a season (Brennan Jones - 90), most touchdowns by a team in a season (113), most total offensive yardage by a team in a game (636), and highest point average per game by a team in a season (53). In addition, kicker Brennan Jones set a national record for most extra points by a player in a season, with 90. Highlands was ranked 19th in the USA Today Super 25 final 1998 high school football rankings, 14th in the National Sports News Service Poll, 16th in the CompUSA Overall National Poll, 20th in the Dick Butkus Football Network High School Top 25, 18th in the Tony Bianco National High School Football 'Tony' Poll and 15th in the PrepNation National Prep Football Poll. HHS finished 1998 as Class AAA champion, regional champion, district champion and NKAC champion.
  9. Yes she is but her kids have been brainwashed by the blue kool aid and are Highlands folk now.
  10. And yes Mexitucky is correct. There are schools (Campbell having been one of them) that had a real problem with scores in the losses and the perception that they were having them run up on them.
  11. In the past some schools have suffered enourmous beatdowns (see Campbell County in last game they played Highlands giving up over 70 points). Whether it is intentional or unintentional why take that abuse. Same reason why Highlands does not schedule 3 GCL schools in the same season. Why take that abuse. I am glad Campbell County is finally getting Highlands back on the schedule but I dare say if Coach Lickert was not our coach that would not be happening. Who in Northern Ky. should schedule Highlands? No Class A or AA school with any sense is going to. That leaves 5A and 6A. Boone and Ryle have taken their turn at getting abused on the scoreboard by the Bluebirds so they have no interest at all. Highlands is in a very difficult position when it comes to scheduling. But those at Highlands cannot ask schools to do something they are not themselves willing to do; that being expose themselves to a beatdown.
  12. If that is CHCA then they are in the top in the state in Div IV (I think) in Ohio and are favored to win a few playoff games for sure. Very strong team.
  13. Yes never let a fact get in the way of your comment....................Dude................:confused:
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