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  1. I don't like HC chance tomorrow night. Three wins, 7 losses with no quality wins this season. Owen County will be looking for revenge against the team that gave them a thorough whipping and their first loss of the season in the playoffs last year - the road to HC's march to the winning the state championship. Prove me wrong Indians - good luck.
  2. Quite simple - HC talent just not there this year. Lose 12 seniors from last year's state championship team, where majority played both ways - very tough to replace. I thought that HC would have an even won-loss record at best and did not get it done.
  3. Bottom line is that HC is not a very good football team in all phases (offense, defense & special teams). Offense - average QB at best, good running back in Beal but so so blocking, and dropped passes. Two opportunities inside the 5 yard line and come up with only 3 points. Ever heard of a QB roll out and a pass - instead run straight ahead time after time in a pile for no gains. Two touchdowns could have provided good momentum - not necessarily a win. Defense - very poor tackling. NCC offense pretty predictable - run it down your throat until you stop them. NCC QB threw the ball about 5 times the whole game. Special teams - punting is horrible with about 25 yd punts at best. NCC Hayes returns a short punt down the short side of the field and a HC player can't even push him out of bounds. Then you have 2 HC players (#1 & #3, do not want to give names) that were flagged for personal fouls in the first half right in front of everyone - not smart. Coach Koz was rightly justified in giving his team an earful - grow up. I say it like I see it. I don't like HC chances against Holmes next week and then a probable one and out in an away playoff game. I left last night's game at halftime after I did not win split the pot - bummer.
  4. The game tonight was painful to watch if you are a HC fan. Way too many turnovers (6) - I recall 2 fumbles by the QB Trail, 1 fumble by Beal, 1 fumble by Gabbard after a catch and 2 int. Lloyd did have their fair share of turnovers. The reason why Lloyd went for 2 was simple - no kicking game. It did not help that HC had 2 separate off sides penalties on extra points that moved the ball closer. Not hard to get a few yards. I still don't understand the offense in that you have a very tall TE Knochelmann that does not get used and they should throw short passes to Pouncey and let him do his thing. It basically was QB run and Beal run. HC defense did a pretty good job of pressuring Lloyd's QB, but HC db's could not defend the long pass. This game was a make or break one for HC - now no chance of a winning record.
  5. As a father of a senior from the HC state championship team from last year, my opinion of this year's team is simple - not very good. There were 12 seniors on last year's team, with about 8 of them playing 2-ways and the others playing significant roles to the team's success last year. This year's team has seen Vinnie Pangallo out for the season, with Jalen Beal and Burt Pouncey banged up. Those 3 provide a lot of fire power on offense. Then with the quarterback position is disarray, the new kid Trail replacing Gabbard - not very impressed so far. The defense has played pitiful in that the d-line are slow, the linebackers cannot contain the run and the d-backs cannot tackle. It looks like two hand touch football. I have been to the Dayton, Cooper and Beechwood games this year and it will be a long season. If HC can achieve an even won-loss record, I would be surprised. The bottom line is that last year's state championship team was a special group of players that was senior dominated. A group of seniors like last year's do not come around very often at a small school like HC.
  6. My son did not start playing organized football until he was in the 7th grade at Holy Cross. He played all 6 years in the program culminating with a state championship this past season as a senior. Nothing against youth football leagues, but I heard so much grumbling from parents who thought playing time was not fair - same old story. I know there are cliques on teams where unless you are an exceptional athlete or very big in stature, you will not see playing time until late game mop up. In my opinion, I would suggest parents focus on where your son will be attending high school and join the junior high team and then you will be established in the system. Nothing against the youth leagues personally, but everything worked out for us.
  7. At the Holy Cross baseball get together last night, Coach Holtz let the players in attendance vote for 2 juniors and 2 seniors to represent Holy Cross. The top vote getters were Blake Tiberi & Connor Callery (Juniors) and Kyle Fuller & Jeff Guidugli Seniors). Good luck to all four players Monday night at Dixie HS. Represent Holy Cross proudly.
  8. I attended a Holy Cross baseball get together last night and Coach Holtz let everyone there know of his intentions to step down as head coach and his successor would be Coach Ryan. It was a real emotional speech that Coach Holtz gave to his players, coaching staff and parents in attendance. I believe it was a real tough decision on his part, but I think it was much about spending more time with his wife and his four children during their growing up stages. I also think the rumor of him succeeding Clay Eifert as principal is just that - much too soon. My son has played for Coach Holtz the past three years and it has to rank up there as their most successful run in school history. All the best to the Holtz family and good luck to Coach Ryan and the future Holy Cross teams. As Coach Holtz said to end his speech, "Once an Indian...Always an Indian". Father of #23
  9. I really enjoyed following my son play varsity baseball at Holy Cross the past three seasons. A very good run with many team accomplishments. I have experienced great friendships not only with the Holy Cross family, but with other families that my son played summer ball with over the years (Cov Cath, Dixie, NCC, Simon Kenton, Conner, Ryle, Highlands, Campbell County - hope I didn't forget a school). Good luck to the remaining teams in the 9th Region tourney. I am pulling for Dixie since I am a 1983 grad. I would like to congratulate all seniors that are playing baseball at the next level - make NKY proud. To the others, strive to be successful in your chosen path. I have followed Bluegrass Preps the past year and really enjoy the forum. The first time I have posted a thread. I would like to get feedback from other parents from the Class of 2012. It has been a great ride with countless memories. Dave Kohake Proud father of Justin Kohake (CF - Holy Cross HS)
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