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  1. I think their schedule changed this year and I believe the district was realigned getting Fort Campbell out but a few others in. I am not sure what they have returning so it will be hard to say what they will be like this year. But they were much improved last year.
  2. I would help reduce some of the watered down districts and the terrible teams making the playoffs because there are only 4 teams in the district!!! But it is about the money not whats best for the sport throughout the state!!!
  3. You are correct I never said who is the best running back in the state I simply asked who the leading rushers are? I have heard the kid from Hart is over 500 yards. FC has someone around 400 I believe. TCC has a kid at about 430. Just curious whats the lead right now.
  4. Who are some of the leading rushers around the state? How many yards do they have though three weeks?
  5. Any thoughts? Todd County is 2-0 for the first time in 7 years and Reidland just suffered a loss to powerhouse Lone Oak
  6. There is a decent shot with them advancing to 3-0 I think. They play Reidland this week who suffered a loss from Lone Oak last week but everyone knows LO is a tough team. Should be a good match up.
  7. How were the points scored? Any defensive/special teams scores? How did it get so out of hand? Any stats?
  8. Todd County improves to 2-0 with a win at home over McLean County. Rebels pulled most starters in the 3rd quarter and McLean received several personal fouls throughout the second half.
  9. I believe someone said Murray could be the "darkhorse" of the west but if I am not mistaken they win their district year in and year out that would make them no darkhorse but this maybe the year they give Fort Campbell all they can handle. Trigg Co should be much improved and be the 2 in that same district. What about Owensboro Cath upsetting Fort Campbell or one of the other teams out in Region 1 or 2 bringing down Campbells powerhouse run?
  10. What about the rest of the T's?
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