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  1. Yep, it's a joke starting school that early. It's been going on since the early 2000's for most places, but I dont know anybody that has yet to get used to it and/or like it, even if they have gotten used to it. There's a lot of school districts that seem to be starting the week of the 4th-9th of August.
  2. Best high school football program in our state, public or private, also has the longest standing 'little league' football program associated with a particular school. Anybody think that might add too the success of the birds? :notworthy: :thumb:
  3. Read above your original post. All cleared up. I was sharing my opinion on the comparison of towns.
  4. Great point! Not just Hope, but I don't think EKU recruited many KY kids in Kidd's last few years at the helm, did they? I do remember that a certain QB from Breathitt Co., one of our mountain boys wasn't "good enough" for EKU, but was for those Hilltoppers. He turned out pretty descent. :jump:
  5. Honestly? Just my opinion. I just think about those who may come in for a two/three day stay, Bowling Green just seems to be a better town. More to do. More to take in. I think, per capita, doesn't Bowling Green have more restaurants than ANY town in America? Or some crazy fact like that? Again, just my personal opinion. I don't, nor have I ever lived in either of the towns, but I've visited both quite a bit. Now, if Richmond builds a Hamburg type place, like in Lexington, then that would definately add a little more flare to the town. Again, I still think that WKU will be the site of the State Finals for a good while. I just have that feeling. :idunno:
  6. I sure hope they never have the state finals in Richmond. For starters, Richmond is nowhere near the town of a Louisville, Lexington or even Bowling Green. BG is only around 50K people, compared to Louisville and Lexintons 1million or so, but BG is a great town. Maybe the best true "town" in our state. And their new facilities at WKU. 1st class!! I'm guessing the state finals are going to be there for a while. I sure hope so!
  7. Ok, so you all have to travel a whopping 5 miles up the road. Mboro or at Log Mnt, you know what I'm saying. :thumb: I don't think Middlesboro will be able to pull the 'underdog' card in this match-up.
  8. Have heard nothing, but great things about this kid and not being negative, but with the QB class that UK has comming in, I'm willing to bet that UK will be ok. He might have been thinking the same thing, which is why UL looked so good. Best of luck to the young man!!!
  9. You and the Yellow Jacket faithful might view yourselves as the underdog, but I don't think that others will feel the same (and not that it matters, really) for a few reasons: 1)Homefield advantage 2)Green County taking a 3 hr trip, stepping off the bus and playing. 3)The tradition you all have. As a program and the tradition in that stadium 4)M'boro might have lost quite a bit from last years team, however a "down" M'boro team is still a "good" team for 3/4 of the team across the state, and even moreso true for your 2A counterparts, like Green Co. Should be a dandy of a game, with two good teams who will have their voice in the 2A playoffs come November. As long as everyond looks at this game and it's outcome in those aspects, you wont have anything to worry about. :thumb:
  10. When you see them in warm-ups, they aren't exactly a team that will blow you away with the "look test". But, I promise you this much; they will play as hard, be very well disciplined and just flat out get to the football as good, if not better than anybody Middlesboro will play this year. If the game was at Green County, I'd definately be there. Should be a great game. Best of luck on the year! They beat Danville in the 2nd round last year, at Danville and lost to Monroe County in the regional finals by one point....the same Monroe County team that gave Ft. Campbell fits up until late in the state-semi final game. I think they return a good core of the the '08 team.
  11. That LexCath was. I should have clarified. I didnt mean any disrespect to Lone Oak. Personally, I think the West is better from top to bottom. They lack the "dominant" teams that the East has (Boyle, Bell, LexCath), but I definately feel the West is better all around. I'm also going to have to agree with another post about Cov. Holmes. They might raise a few eyebrows in the East this year. It's not like they'll be short on speed or talent.
  12. This is true. I think the west earned it's respect this year, at least a good part of it back from the '07 game. I don't think anyone expected Bullitt East to be in it v.s Bell to the end like they were. That was a pure heavy weight bout. Westsider, might as well throw some teams out there and get some takers? I said 10 from the West have a shot. I think Allen Co.-Scottsville is the favorite and after that: -Franklin Simpson (always will be a fixture) -Marion County (Jeff Robbins has been able to get the talent out & producing) -Lou. Fairdale (no shortage in talent) -Lou. Western (see above. Maybe have as much talent as anyone in Lville) -Calloway Co. (even though they lost everybody, other than Willis) -Bullitt East (lost quite a bit, but Doug Preston will have them ready) -LaRue County (young and talented, could be the darkhorse of this bunch) -Hopkins Co. Central
  13. Wide open would be an understatement. I can think of at least 10 teams that have a more than legit shot at comming out of the west.
  14. Good for him. He has the best job in WKY and has done a great job rebuilding the mess of sorts he was left when he got to Hendo.
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