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  1. Springate will be the man since he is Pittman's choice. Bottoms will be a great help to someone, somewhere if he decides to continue coaching. Too bad that parents have been handed the reigns at Boyle.
  2. How can "negative" be support? That sounds like tearing down and not building up. Truth is one thing, but "negative" can't be support.
  3. I believe it is time to let bygones be bygones. Support of the Garrard program should be paramount to everyone connected with it.
  4. Roy, does that mean you are going to miss the Garrard games while you are at Dunbar?
  5. Then I guess he is leaving Garrard as a teacher as well. The original resignation was rumored to be coaching only and that Stoney was remaining at Garrard as a teacher. Interesting news.
  6. That is what the Central Record said. I have heard the same thing from some other individuals in the community and I was told that it was discussed by the local alumni association at their recent meeting.
  7. Coach Scenters met with his new players yesterday. According to parents of players, they were enthusiastic about the coach and are excited to begin spring practice.
  8. Glad to hear the information. Sounds like Scenters is a good get for Garrard. I hope is has tremendous success with the Golden Lions for many years to come.
  9. If you are not on the committee, you would simply be giving a possible hire. At least tell us who it isn't.
  10. I am hearing a press conference tomorrow at 4:00. This from a media outlet.
  11. I know a rumor is just a rumor, but I have been told that Hensley has turned the job down. Don't know if that is turned down an offer or withdrew his name, but that is the info I received this morning.
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