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  1. Let's be honest and say that Conner lost many varsity players the past 2 years and still had a winning season. Ellery Kring was not anywhere near her ability last year with her shoulder injury. She didn't start last year. Sydney Watts was also sick and injured the majority of last year. Dawn Peacock played last year, but she is the only one of the aforementioned that actually made an impact on the team last season.
  2. Congrats to Coach Warfield and her team. Glad she is bringing excitement back to CHS sports. Congrats to Allison Long on 1000 points as a Jr. Tori Fisher did a great job off the bench and she is only a freshman.
  3. Conner wins! Boone attempted a full court press once and Conner had an easy lay up. Rebels never pressed after that. Rebel junior guard has some beautiful assist put her shooting percentage was off. Nice pressure from the Conner defence. Great win. Stefnie is a beast. Such a joy to watch!!
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