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  1. East Jessamine (new idea) Honoring Old High Schools in Jessamine Co Prep & High School Football Scores, News & Photos | Kentucky.com & Lexington Herald-Leader
  2. Tom will be coaching this season, but moving to Florida at the end of the season. New coaching search for 2017-2018 season.
  3. Will be looking for a new baseball coach next year.... Clary has accepted the job at Sayre.
  4. They finished the regular season with 17 wins, more than any team in school history. Plus for the second time in 16 years of existence they will finish with a winning record. What an amazing year.
  5. Purple you really need to get your facts straight before opening your mouth. Ties in voting are not broken so that kids are not left out. Thus why there were so many this year. These votes come from the coaches same as the nominees. I know the kids from Boyle and they quality individuals as well as basketball players. I was surprised they didn't make it either. As an adult though I would not bash on high school kids in open forums, maybe it's time for finding more to do with ones personal time.
  6. Final @ Mercer... East Jessamine 64 Bardstown 62
  7. If anyone can tell me how to get a hold of someone to get some t-shirts in this young mans honor please let me know?
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