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  1. Cov Cath had a very good day posting a very impressive 300 in tough conditions. Looking at the scores posted below, I don't think "blowing away the field" is accurate. Both Cov Cath and Ryle posted all 5 players between 74 - 81, making for a very competative regional championship as usual. Good luck to both teams at the state tournament next week in Bowling Green. Region 7 Winner Covington Catholic 300 Grade Austin Beck 74 11 Seattle Stein 74 12 Brett Bauries 75 10 Merik Berling 77 10 Sean Kiely 81 12 Region 7 Runner-Up Ryle 308 Grade Logan Gamm 75 9 Paul Clancy 76 11 Blake Hamilton 77 12 Chris Desmarias 80 12 Zach Adams 80 9
  2. WOW, can't even believe you would compare the two calls. An elbow to the face on a fast break resulting in an out of bounds compared to an offensive foul where the offensive player is being held then pushes her way loose from the defender resulting in a offensive foul and 4th foul on a key player for SH (typical 2nd infraction being whistled). Ref's were terrible both ways, agreed, but don't see the comparison you made. Just sayn....
  3. You must be referring to the play when St Henry was on a fast break 2 on 1, Gamm heading to basket when I think #2 (Abner) throws elbow to the face of Anne Fugate off ball. Ref was right on top of the play, calls a foul, not a TECHNICAL and awards St Henry the ball out of bounds. From where I was sitting, and had a pretty good view, looked to be intentional and quite possibly an ejection from the game.
  4. The same could be said for St. Henry, it was certainly not their best performance by any stretch. St Henry's team is made up primarily of multiple sport athletes, many of whom don't touch a basketball in the off season. They will continue to improve and gain confidence as the season progresses and could certainly pull an upset come Regional time. Although this game was a non-district and pretty meaningless game, I think the Lady Cru came away feeling more confident in their ability to compete with the top ranked teams in the 9th region.
  5. No doubt in my mind that the turning point was the foul called on St Henry with about the 3 min remaining in the game. St Henry was leading 37 - 33 and had NCC back on their heels. Gamm drove the lane, made a great decision to pass the ball to an open O'Daniel making a layup while getting hammered by the NCC defense. St Henry crowd and players go crazy thinking they have extended the lead to 6 and maybe 7 pts. As players headed to "line-up" for the free throw, referee calls Gamm for a charge on what appeared from the stands as little to no contact and a great offensive play. Then within 10 seconds, Gamm gets calls for another foul (her 4th) which effectively took her out of the game defensively. This Offensive foul was 1 of 4 questionable Offensive Charging calls that went against the Cru. No sour grapes, just was not impressed with the officiating last night. Congratulations to NCC on a hard fought victory, I will be rooting for them to bring home the State Title !!
  6. Did LCA play in the Steve Flesch Invitation this past Saturday at Boone Links in Florence ? In Know that St. X won the tournament by a 10+ stroke margin, and Blake Hamilton of Ryle High School took Medal honors with a nice round of 70 (-2) for the day. The previous weekend, Blake won medal honors playing in the Madison Central Tournament played at The Bull in Richmond, Ky, posting an even par round. In regards to your top 10 players, I think he should be included.
  7. Great win for Boone. Perhaps a little new earned respect for Northern Ky Girls Basketball and for the 9th Region ? :popcorn:
  8. Great "play by play"; perhaps a little new earned respect for Northern Ky Girls Basketball and for the 9th Region ? :clap:
  9. I respect Coburn and agree that he has done a great job with Lady Cru program. Just my personal opinion (i thought that's what the site was for) that St. Henry has on occasion, gone to the bench to early and to often. There are several girls on the bench that are key players and must contribute in order for St. Henry to be competitive. Just don't believe that St. Henry goes 10 or 11 deep without impacting the outcome of the game. Good luck to the Lady Cru tonight, play good D and bring home a victory. :dancingpa
  10. Never said there was "no talent", just not the same level of talent as the starting five. Rye, in my opinion, is the only team in the 9th region that can go to the bench for 2 or 3 players without changing the level of play.
  11. Sometimes you're dealt the cards and you just have to play with them, don't think any dice were involved here. :thumb:
  12. NCC played their best players and those that the coach felt gave them the best opportunity to win the game. As I posted earlier "when Fryer fouled out and NCC went to the bench, the momentum totally changed in favor of Ryle" and "that's my opinion and apparently NCC coach as well" . It's my unbiased opinion that had NCC gone to the bench earlier in the game, based upon what happened in the last 4 minutes, NCC would NOT have been in position the win the game in the final minutes. Enough said. :walk:
  13. Had NCC gone to the bench earlier, the game would not have come down to the final 4 minutes, that's my opinion and apparently NCC coach as well. Regarding the St. Henry game, my point is that taking Janszen or Gamm off the floor for any period of time could spell disaster. St. Henry does have roll players, but in my opinion have no chance unless the Janszen & Gamm remain on the floor and have BIG games, they also need to get some 3's from sharp shooting O'Daniel.
  14. Unfortunately, I think sometimes the coaching staff at St. Henry believes they have depth, going to the bench and allowing games to get away or allowing teams to get back into games that were once under control. :idunno: I hope St. Henry can stay out of foul trouble and keep starters on the floor for the majority of the game. St. Henry could learn a lesson from the top teams in the region that keep their starters on floor the entire game unless in foul trouble. Last nights game was a perfect example, when Fryer fouled out and NCC went to the bench, the momentum totally changed in favor of Ryle. Good luck Lady Cru !!!!
  15. Respectfully disagree with you. The game is about more than knocking down NBA range three's, the offensive end is only half the game. Stayed for both games and watched great efforts from many young ladies. Beal is a good player, no argument there, can't agree that "The best player on the floor all night long and that includes the Ryle vs. NCC game was Holy Cross Freshmen Beal." Great players find a way to bring out the best in their teammates and win games.
  16. Was a bit surprised not to see the seniors start the game for Notre Dame? Did each of the seniors see some minutes during the game? I would have understood going with "normal" starting rotation had this had been a District game, but think most schools honor the Seniors by starting the game with Seniors on the floor. Thanks for pic's Panda, they are always appreciated!
  17. You must be referring to St. Henry moving to the 34th District last year and yes, I'm certain the school admin, coaches, and the Crusader fans welcomed the change. St. Henry did pull the upset in 2006 by beating favorite Boone County for the District Championship! Hard for any "small school" to compete year in and out with the likes of Boone, Ryle, and Conner. It will be interesting to see if Cooper can close the gap in the upcoming years.
  18. I can assure you that there are many programs around the state that would love to have Nell on their bench. She runs a great program and seems to get the most out of her players. I have tremendous respect for her as a coach and a person. :thumb:
  19. Geez, what an ATTITUDE. Perhaps you should read a book by the title "How to Win Friends & Influence People" (Paperback). Why don't you go back to your "real world" and don't let the broom handle hit you in the a__ on the way out. :walk:
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by crusader fan Saint Henry made a total of 4 points at the line, compared to 16 for Boone. How they kept the game close thru 3 quarters is amazing. You obviously didn't pay much attention to the hint of sarcasm in my post Seriously though, St. Henry needs to improve at the line if they hope to compete in the Regional Tournament.
  21. Saint Henry made a total of 4 points at the line, compared to 16 for Boone. How they kept the game close thru 3 quarters is amazing.
  22. you actually know the number of minutes each player is in the game ? do you keep track of minutes and seconds ? :confused:
  23. St Henry opened the game making 2 of 10 from the line (ugh) and it didn't get much better from there. Don't let the final margin fool you, the game was much closer than the final score. Boone did an excellant job from the line, don't have stats but would guess they shot 80-90% on the night.
  24. Didn't see "4 or 5 people hanging on her", just good old fashioned "man to man" defense. Don't know how you can say "don't think that she had a lot to do with Moss only scoring 10 points and grabbing 7 rebounds". Agree that Moss didn't have one of her better games, and her early foul trouble certainly contributed to her lack of production. Bottom line was Janszen did what most teams have been unable to do with double and triple teams on her. Moss is a great player with unlimited potential, just think Janszen get's over looked in the 9th region.
  25. Boone County 57 St Henry 41 Interesting match-up last night with Boone County playing St Henry at Boone. The game featured 2 of the best post players in the 9th region with Moss (Boone/Soph.) and Janszen (St. Henry/Junior). It looked to me as though Moss was flustered on both ends of the floor, not used to seeing someone with the size, quickness, and athleticism of Janszen. St. Henry gave Boone all they could handle for 3 and 1/2 quarters, St Henry trailing by 6 points with less than 3 minutes in the game. Final score did not indicate the competitiveness of the game, thanks in big part to Janszen holding Moss to 10 points & 7 rebounds. Janszen finished with 12 points & 7 rebounds. If St Henry plays to their potential, they could surprise someone come tournament time.
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