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  1. Don't forget about the older brother of Matt, but living in Matt's shadow, Tyler Trammel from Ludlow. He will walk on at UK in the fall, will get playing time and end up starting halfway through the season.
  2. After the loss of Matt Hughes, who signed to USC last season, the talent in the league drops severely.
  3. I agree with you that he can't be replaced kid, but I think he was the best WR to go through Ludlow. :thumb:
  4. Lawson would have been a great QB at Ludlow. If Eflin Tyler transferred to Ludlow he would throw the team on his back and carry them to a National Title! They would be unstoppable.
  5. Logan from Ludlow played all three sports possible to play at Ludlow.
  6. Logan and Trammel produced dang near every yard all year. And if Lawson transferred from Dixie on time, they make the best trio wide recieving core ever to go through Ludlow. And even since he didn't , Logan IMO was the best the reciever Ludlow has ever seen. Trammel right behind.
  7. I would have loved to see Logan and Trammel play for Ludlow. Didn't Lawson from Dixie transferr to Ludlow, if so those three could lead to a State Championship.
  8. I don't know about the whole replacement thing! :eek:
  9. Where does Logan fall in this ranking, if not 1 or 2, most certainly 3.
  10. Villa by 15. I rooting for Ludlow though, to pull off the upset.
  11. They need to even out the schools in each district, such as having a 6A, a 5A, 2A, and 1A school in each one. And throw in the other schools to each discrict, and have a seeding instead of a draw.
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