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  1. How do you explain every sports program there? I'm not saying they cheated......I'm saying it is an advantage for private schools due to policies and guidelines.
  2. I disagree, kids could care less who they play, they just want to play. You care. Your saying that X will be playing Lex Cath. instead of T for a championship they will be dissapointed?
  3. I understand that both sides will have to give up something. I would hold firm with a split, if I were there to debate the problem. At least get the financial aid and boundaries under control. However, the reason I say a multiplier is, that in most states, this is where they go with trying to satisfy the problem. In Ky I think that they just want to be quiet and hope it goes away. Like Coach from NCC said "fuel the debate". They are just sitting and hoping for us to go away. I include the KHSAA. It is obvious that the majority are for a split. That is "people that matter". What has anyone done?
  4. Seems most do these things to get jump started and with the policies in place for them to be allowed to recruit students and draw from all over, with financial aid, it is and makes for unfair advantage. Not to mention all male and female student populations. Take a look at the rapid success of these programs. Please don't tell me you are working harder. Coach at LCA football was at Hazard and Montgomery and this didn't happen. I believe that it is a direct result of the policies and different guidelines these school have. Every school can cheat......I don't think that is why the boycott is taking place.
  5. I agree! However, something is better than nothing.
  6. This is common practice in private school. Paying tuition for kids to come. Financial aid .......not what LCA did.
  7. Alltell, LBBC provided that info in another thread. I believe that it was in conversation with covercorner. Not for sure where though.
  8. Cheating yes ...when was the last time a public school was caught doing this? Giving money to student athletes. Publics have been caught doing everything else ..but not this.
  9. I believe it takes it to a new level when someone or a school says come to our private school and we will pay your tution...period.
  10. This kinda stands out for me. LCA's attitude. A little more weight behind the statement when comming from Coach Schneider.
  11. Not only would I ban them from post season, the players that were not involved would be granted a one time transfer if they wish.
  12. Super Class would have to be something more than just the largest enrollment....that is what 6A is now.
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