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Knott County Central 60 Breathitt County 58

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Breathitt County tied the game at 58-58. Knott inbounded the ball and the referee called a foul at 0:08 when the Bobcat defender bumped Patroit freshman guard Justice. Justice hit 2 free throws to win the game.

It's rare that an offical makes that call with less than a second remaining. I know a foul is a foul, regardless if it is the first 5 seconds of the game or the last....but just saying, few officials will whistle that call with 0:08. Now, maybe the Breathitt player fouled Justice in a manner that it couldn't be ignored.

I wonder why the Breathitt player was guarding so close when all the Knott could have done was hit a miracle shot from 70 feet.

I wasn't at the game but talked to two reatives who were there as they were on their way back from Hindman.

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