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Boone County 51 Ryle 48

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Ryle..........10...6..19..13 - 48


Boone Co...10..20..11..10 - 51


Ryle (19-4) -- Oliverio 4, Cheesman 7, Smith 2, Johnson 10, Douthit 4, Crittenden 21.

Boone Co. (23-1) -- A. Switzer 4, Moss 21, Nash 18, E. Switzer 4, Hill 4.


Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2010/11/23/1537416/latest-girls-basketball-results.html?appSession=232695964151064&RecordID=11614&PageID=3&PrevPageID=2&cpipage=1&CPIsortType=&CPIorderBy=&cbCurrentRecordPosition=8#storylink=cpy


Interesting, back and forth game. Sydney Moss had a dynamite 2nd quarter with 10 points to take Boone from a 10 -10 first quarter tie to a 30 -16 halftime lead. The highlight, which ultimate ended up being the game difference, was a last second three by Moss. With 5.6 seconds on the clock Ryle was at the free throw line. After a make the second shot miss was rebounded by Moss who quickly and calmly brought the ball up court, eyeing the clock all the way. She timed it perfectly and let go a squared up, on balance three at the buzzer which swished through.


The 3rd quarter was a different story. After Boone built their lead to 36-20 with 5:14 left in the period, Ryle went to a zone press which Boone did not handle well at all. And after a few easy baskets off turnovers Ryle began to hit from everywhere led by Jenna Crittenden who at one point scored 7 straight points. The Boone lead had shrunk to just 41-35 at quarter's end.


The 4th was a back forth struggle with Boone's lead shrinking to one point at 47-46 with 2:01 on the clock. Lydia Nash got a big bucket for Boone to stretch the lead back to three and then Moss hit a baseline drive reverse layup to take it up to five. Ryle cut it back to three and had a couple of opportunities to tie but couldn't hit the big one.


Moss got big time help from senior center Lydia Nash who finished with 18 points and again Boone essentially won the game on the boards, out rebounding Ryle by a 35 - 22 margin. Moss led the way there with 12 boards. Jenna Crittenden had a really solid second half and led Ryle with 21. Dawn Johnson added 10.


Round one goes to the Lady Rebels. The win runs the Boone winning streak to 21.

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First and foremost, what a fantastic atmosphere for high school girls b-ball. We got there at about 6:45 and parking was already full and the gym was holding an awesome crowd. I saw a picture of the Ryle/SK boys game at Ryle and the gym looked empty. I really tip my cap to the Boone student section. Great stuff and support.


For a neutral fan, the game was a flat out snoozer for the first 2.5 quarters. At one point in the third quarter, Boone doubled up on Ryle by a score of 34-17. Ryle was playing tight while Boone looked focused and ready. Crittenden struggled to score and took several bad shots. A few calls went against Ryle early and it seemed to rattle them a bit. The three pointer that Moss hit was at the end of the half and it put an exclamation point on the momentum that they Boone established in the half.


In the third quarter, I was about ready to head to the exit and then it seemed like Ryle decided to start playing while Boone seemed like they thought they had things in hand. It seemed like the Boone staff was content with the lead getting chipped away. They called timeout early during the run and could have used another one when the lead went from about 20 to single digits. Moss looked tired at that point, don't think she had a rest at that point, and was walking up the court while Ryle was making their run.


The fourth quarter was the game that the crowd expected. Boone led but they knew Ryle was there. Ryle had their chances going down the stretch but didn’t capitalize when given their chances. Down three with 15 seconds in the game, Ryle looked to Cheesman first who was unable to get a shot off who then passed to Crittenden who got a shot off that really wasn’t a good look; they waited too long to get in their offense. I was expecting a Boone foul when the clock got to lower single digits but they were content on their defense not allowing Ryle to get a good look.


While Boone led the rebounding battle, it could be argued Crittenden and Moss really neutralized each other for the game. Moss was dominant the first half while she seemed content with a 20 point lead allowing Crittenden to assert herself in the second half. To me, the big difference in the game was Nash. Ryle couldn’t guard her. The Raiders tried guarding her with Freshman Smith who was overmatched by Nash. Boone went to her often but truthfully, I would go to her more when/if they get their subsequent match-ups.


While Boone won the game, Ryle has to feel like they developed somewhat of a game plan with back court defensive pressure for the next match-ups between the teams. The press was more of an extended zone but definitely rattled Boone.

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Some first half shots.





Great atmosphere for opening tip.



Tough shots to make:



Coach not happy with the 6-0 foul total on the board early on.



Loose balls on the deck were attacked.



Moss gets a congrats after the big shot to close the quarter.


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One comment I meant to make last night.........for a rivalry game like this one, I thought the officiating was as unobtrusive as any I've seen. I normally can go back and think of calls that, from a biased standpoint, were bad calls or no calls that should have been made. I can't think of any.

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[/h][TABLE=class: ts]


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[TD]Not conspicuous or attracting attention



I think that is a compliment![/TD]






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First and foremost, what a fantastic atmosphere for high school girls b-ball. We got there at about 6:45 and parking was already full and the gym was holding an awesome crowd. I really tip my cap to the Boone student section. Great stuff.


So true and really great to see in girls basketball! Nice pics, D-Series, and dead on summaries by you and Frank. Even with some great moments from the D1 players, the difference really was the inside game - or lack of - from Ryle. Senior Nash is so solid and Ryle has long struggled with their inside game.


The turning point in the game seemed to be when the large mob of BC students began taunting Crittendon who had only scored 5 points by the 3rd quarter start; she then seemed to find her game and began scoring. Nothing against the students - stuff like that is pretty much the norm from student sections at big games like this. Moss has certainly been on the receiving end of this as well. Just thought that the timing was interesting.


Refs were pretty good, I agree, Frank, although some "biased" Ryle fans might be remembering a few that weren't so "unobtrusive" especially early in the game.

I have to shake my head the way the refs show Nell such deference, allowing her to touch them and looking to her frequently to see if she is wanting a time out, they even asked her several times. Very considerate! Guess that's how it is when you are a coaching legend. : )


All in all an enjoyable game - looking forward to seeing Sidney and Jenna go head to head again - maybe two more times before the season is over.

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