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Jeffersontown 95 Pearl, MS 49

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Jtown was dominant so I can't take anything from them, but Pearl is not a very good team.


Still Jtown has a strong inside game and some good outside shooters (Russell, Hagan, Dorsey, and DeMichael Jackson). They are going to be very hard to beat.


Daniel Ross (PF) was impressive early. 6-3 around 240 and has great footwork. Had around 10-12 points.


Zack Price dominated inside. Will wait for him to play someone his size like Kameron Woods (Eastern 6-9) or Deondre Mcwhorter (Moore 6-9) before I can really say how good he is. Closest player to Price' size from Pearl was probably 6-5.


Kimbro is really strong but scored most of his points on fast breaks and inside bank shots. I want to see him score some mid range and outside shots. I've seen him do it on TV for his prep school last year, but so far he hasn't had any real competition where he has had to show different facets of his game since being back in Louisville. He has been a man among boys since returning.


I'm anxoius to watch them play the California team tommorrow. Should be a much better matchup.

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