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Bishop Brossart 52 St. Patrick 37

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St Pat gave everything they had in the tank tonight. They played their hearts out but just came up short. Much differnt game than they first game these two teams played.


St Pat lead by 3 at the half, but were outscored 30-12 in the 2nd half.


Brossart 6 22 36 52

St Pat 11 25 32 37


St Pat:


Mason 13

Cropper 8

Thompson 6

Clarke 5

L Gallemstein 5




Wolfer 12

Patterson 12

Rieger 12

Armstrong 4

Webb 4

Kremer 4

Morscher 4

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I would just like to echo the sentiments of the previous posters.


St. Patrick's came to play tonight, outplayed the Stangs in the first half, and wore down late. The scoreboard was not fair to them tonight - they deserved better than a 15 point loss.


Will serve as a good lesson for the Mustangs, but credit the Saints game plan and aggressiveness tonight.


Congrats to Coach Hinson and his guys for a superior effort!!!!

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