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2008 Pre-Season Scrimmage List


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Please post ONLY the dates, times and opponents for scrimmages in this thread. Post any discussion of the scrimmages in another thread. This will give us a convenient and comprehensive list that everyone can refer to.


Once you post the information, we will incorporate it into the scrimmage list, and your original post will be deleted.


To make things simple, post your information as close to the following format as possible:


(Date) vs (or "at") Opponent at (Location) 7pm


Also, If you can help us with missing (or incorrect) information please post it in this thread.



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Allen Co.-Scottsville

8/15 vs Bardstown TBA


Anderson Co.

8/22 vs Lincoln Co. TBA



8/15 vs Bowling Green 6pm

8/22 at Greenwood 6pm


Ashland Blazer

8/16 vs. Campbell Co. 11am

8/22 vs. Mason Co. 7:30pm



8/15 at Henry Clay TBA

8/22 vs Caldwell Co. 6 pm



8/15 at Allen Co.-Scottsville 7pm

8/22 vs Marion Co. 7pm


Bath Co.

8/15 vs Paris 6pm

8/23 at Rowan Co. 8:30pm



8/15 vs Highlands 7:30pm

8/22 vs Boone County 7pm



8/15 vs Boyd County TBA

8/22 vs Hazard TBA


Bell Co.

8/22 at Johnson Central TBA



8/22 vs. Walton Verona @ Simon Kenton 5pm


Beth Haven

8/23 vs Hart Co. at Bethlehem 3pm



8/15 at Eminence 6 pm

8/23 vs Metcalfe Co. 11 am


Betsy Lane

8/15 Matewan, WV TBA

8/22 at Shelby Valley/Pike Central 6pm


Bishop Brossart

8/16 vs Trimble County @ Walton-Verona 1pm

8/22 at Bracken Co. 6pm


Boone Co.

8/15 at Lexington Lafayette 7pm

8/22 at Beechwood 7pm


Bourbon County

8/16 at Lewis County 7pm

8-22 vs Owen County 7pm


Bowling Green

8/15 at Apollo 6pm


Boyd Co.

8/15 at Belfry 7pm

8/22 vs Wayne, WV 7pm


Bracken Co.

8/22 vs Bishop Brossart 6pm

8/23 at Ludlow TBA


Breathitt Co.

8/22 vs Somerset


Bryan Station

8/15 at Lexington Christian Academy & Green Co. TBA

8/22 vs John Hardin 7pm


Bullitt Central

8/15 vs Moore 6pm


Bullitt East

8/22 at PRP TBA



8/22 at Tates Creek TBA


Caldwell Co.

8/15 vs Lone Oak 6pm

8/22 at Ballard Memorial 6 pm


Campbell Co.

8/16 at Ashland Blazer 11am

8/23 at CovCath 9am


Carroll Co

8/15 at Grant Co/North Oldham TBA

8/22 at Moore 7pm



8/23 vs Eminence at Bethlehem 1pm


Cental Hardin

8/15 vs Dupont Manual TBA


Christian Academy of Louisville

8-15 vs Louisville Western 6PM


Christian Co.

8/22 vs Mayfield @ Hopkinsville TBA


Clay Co.

8/15 at Prestonsburg/Hazard TBA



8/22 at Newport TBA



8/16 at Dixie Heights 9am

8/22 vs Trimble Co 7pm


Cov Cath

8/16 vs. Ryle 10am

8/23 vs. Campbell County 9am


Daviess Co.

8/21 at Meade County 7pm



8/16 at Walton-Verona 10am


Dixie Heights

8/16 vs. Cooper 9am

8/22 vs. Newport Central Catholic 7pm


DuPont Manual

8/15 @ Central Hardin TBA

8/22 vs Louisville Southern 7:30pm

East Carter

08/16 at Lawrence County 10am

08/23 vs. Fleming County at Rowan County 5:30pm


East Jessamine

8/15 vs Paul Dunbar 6pm

8/22 vs. Harrison Co. @ Paul Dunbar 6:30pm



8/15 vs Bethlehem6 pm

8/23 vs Caverna at Bethlehem 1pm


Fern Creek

8/15 at St Xavier 7pm

8/22 vs Valley 7pm


Fleming Co.

08/23 vs. East Carter at Rowan County 5:30pm


Fort Campbell

8/15 vs Warren Central 6pm

8/22 vs Clarksville,TN/Kenwood,TN at Rossview,TN TBA



8/15 vs Wodford Co/ Jeffersontown/Lou. Seneca/Lou. Doss TBA

8/22 vs Lexington Christian Academy 6pm


Garrard Co.

8/21 at Paris 6pm


George Rogers Clark

8/22 at Woodford Co. 7:30pm


Grant Co.

8/15 vs Carroll Co/North Oldham TBA


Greenup Co.

8/15 @ Ironton, OH TBA



8/22 at Apollo 6pm


Harlan Co.

8/22 at Knox Central 8pm


Harrison Co.

8/22 vs East Jessamine @ Paul Dunbar 6:30pm


Hart Co.

8/23 vs Beth Haven at Bethlehem 3pm



8/15 at Prestonsburg/Clay County TBA

8/22 vs Belfry TBA


Henderson Co.

8/15 vs Rossview (Clarksville, TN) 6:30pm

8/22 at Union Co. TBA

Henry Clay

8/15 vs Ballard TBA

8/22 at St. Xavier TBA


Henry Co.

8/15 vs North Bullitt/North Hardin/Valley TBA



8/15 at Beechwood 7:30pm

8/22 at Male 7pm



8/22 vs Ryle at Highlands 6pm



8/15 vs. PRP 7pm

8/22 vs. Scott County 7:30 pm



8/15 at Frankfort/Woodford County/Lou. Seneca/Lou. Doss TBA


John Hardin

8/22 at Bryan Station 7pm


Johnson Central

8/15 vs Raceland/Pikeville 7pm

8/22 vs Bell Co. TBA


Knox Central

8/22 vs Harlan Co 8pm


Larwrence Co.

08/16 vs East Carter 10am


Lewis Co.

8/16 vs Bourbon Co. 7pm

8/23 vs Lewis County at Rowan County 7pm


Lexington Catholic

8/15 vs Madison Central 6pm

8/22 at Trinity 7pm


Lexington Christian Academy

8/15 vs. Bryan Station & Green Co. TBA

8/22 @ Frankfort 6pm


Lexington Lafayette

8/15 vs. Boone Co. 7pm

8/22 vs. Shelby Co. 7pm


Lincoln Co.

8/22 at Anderson County TBA


Lloyd Memorial

8/15 vs Scott @ Dixie 7pm

8/22 at Simon Kenton 8pm


Lone Oak

8/15 at Caldwell Co. 6pm


Lousville Doss

8/15 at Frankfort/Woodford County/Jeffersontown/Lou. Seneca TBA


Louisville Eastern

8/15 at John Hardin 7pm

8/22 vs Nelson Co. 7pm


Louisville Seneca

8/15 at Frankfort/Woodford County/Jeffersontown/Lou. Doss TBA


Louisville Southern

8/22 at Dupont Manual 7:30


Louisville Western

8-15 at Christian Academy of Louisville 6PM

8-22 vs. North Bullitt 7PM



8/15 at Newport TBA

8/23 vs Bracken Co. TBA

Madison Central

8/15 at Lexington Catholic 6pm



8/14 vs Union County 7 pm

8/22 @ Warren Central 7 pm



8/16 vs Franklin, TN at Bowling Green Greenwood HS 9am CDT

8/22 vs Highlands 7pm


Marion Co.

8/15 vs Meade Co. 7pm

8/22 vs Bardstown TBA


Marshall County

8/15 at Trigg County, 6pm


Mason Co.

8/15 at Montgomery Co. 6pm

8/22 at Ashland Blazer 7:30pm



8/8 vs Milan, Tn 4pm

8/22 vs Christian Co @ Hopkinsville TBA


Meade County

8/15 at Marion County 7pm

8/21 vs Daviess County 7pm


Metcalfe Co.

8/23 at Bethlehem 11 am


Montgomery Co.

8/15 vs Mason Co 6pm

8/22 at Spencer Co 6:30pm



8/15 at Bullitt Central 6pm

8/22 vs Carroll Co. 7 pm

Morgan Co.

8/22 at Raceland 7pm


Nelson Co.

8/15 vs Shelby Co. 6:30 pm

8/22 at Eastern 6:30 pm



8/15 vs Ludlow TBA

8/22 vs Conner TBA


Newport Central Catholic

8/22 at Dixie Heights 7pm


Nicholas County

8/23 vs Lewis County at Rowan County 7pm


North Bullitt

8/15 at Henry Co/North Hardin/Valley TBA

8/22 at Louisvilel Western 7pm


North Hardin

8/15 at Henry Co/Valley/North Bullitt TBA


North Laurel

8/15 at Somerset TBA

8/22 vs Western Hills @ South Laurel TBA


North Oldham

8/15 at Grant Co/Carroll Co. TBA

8/22 vs Harrison Co @ Paul Dunbar 8:30pm


Owen Co.

8-22 at Bourbon Co. 7pm



8/15 at Bath Co. 6pm

8/21 vs Garrard Co. 6pm


Paul Dunbar

8/15 at East Jessamine 6pm

8/22 vs North Oldham 8:30pm


Pike Central

8/22 at Shelby Valley/Betsy Lane 6pm



8/15 vs Clay County/Hazard TBA

8/22 vs Sheldon Clark TBA


Pulaski County

8/15 at Tates Creek 7pm

8/22 at Whitley Co. TBA


Perry Central

8/22 at South Laurel TBA



8/15 at Iroquois 7pm

8/22 vs Bullitt East TBA



8/15 at Johnson Central/Pikeville 7pm

8/22 vs. Morgan Co. 7pm


Rockcastle Co.

8/22 at Southwestern 7 pm


Rowan County

8/23 vs Bath County 8:30pm



8/16 at Spring Valley, WV TBA

8/19 at Cabell Midland, WV TBA


Russell Co.

8/15 vs Southwestern 7pm



8/16 at CovCath 10am

8/22 vs. Holmes at Highlands 6pm



8/15 vs Lloyd Memorial @ Dixie 7pm


Scott Co.

8/15 at Trinity 7pm

8/22 at Iroquois 7:30 pm


Shelby Co.

8/15 at Nelson Co. 6:30 pm

8/22 at Lexington Lafayette 7pm


Shelby Valley

8/15 vs. Sheldon Clark 6pm

8/22 vs. Betsy Lane/Pike Central 6pm


Sheldon Clark

8/15 at Shelby Valley 6pm

8/22 at Prestonsburg TBA


Simon Kenton

8/22 vs Lloyd Memorial 8pm



8/15 vs North Laurel

8/22 at Breathitt Co.


South Laurel

8/22 vs Perry Central TBA



8/15 at Russell County 7pm

8/22 vs Rockcastle 7 pm


Spencer Co.

8/22 vs Montgomery Co. 6:30pm


St. Xavier

8/15 vs Fern Creek 7pm

8/22 at Henry Clay TBA


Tates Creek

8/15 vs. Pulaski Co 7pm

8/22 vs. Butler TBA


Trigg County

8/15 vs. Marshall County, 6pm

8/22 vs. Graves County (at Calloway County), TBA


Trimble Co.

8/16 at Bishop Brossart @ Walton-Verona 1pm

8/22 at Cooper 7pm



8/15 vs. Scott County 7pm

8/22 vs. Lexington Catholic 7pm


Union County

8/14 at Madisonville 7 pm

8/22 vs Henderson Co. TBA



8/15 at Henry Co/North Bullitt/North Hardin TBA

8/22 at Fern Creek 7pm



8/16 vs. Dayton 10am

8/22 vs. Bellevue @ Simon Kenton 5pm


Warren Central

8/15 at Fort Campbell 6pm

8/22 vs Madisonville 7 pm


Western Hills

8/22 vs North Laurel @ South Laurel TBA


Whitley Co.

8/22 vs Pulaski Co. TBA


Woodford Co.

8/15 at Frankfort/Jeffersontown/Lou. Seneca/Lou. Doss TBA

8/22 vs. George Rogers Clark TBA

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