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Open Job: Saint Xavier Lacrosse

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Overall pretty shocking.  But I'm not 100% surprised either.

First, congratulations to Coach Howe.  Just an amazing climb to the Top Spot in Boys Lacrosse in the region really.  23 years at X - take out Covid and he's in the State Final 21 of 22 seasons; that's unreal.  16 Titles.  X and T IMO are the reason lacrosse as a sport hasn't been sanctioned by KHSAA before now.  No one wants to play them.  They are a machine.  X has 2 JV Teams that are better than 90% of anyone in the State's varsity.  They play club ball year round.  Hard to compete with that.  Definitely need to have Classes when you sanction lacrosse; boys & girls both are behind the Louisville schools.  Just the way it is right now.

I'm not surprised for 2 reasons; 1. I have heard rumors that he's a hard guy to play for and grinds on his players (year around and grinding conditioning etc.).  I'm sure there are multiple sides of the story.  But I've heard that for awhile now.  2.  He's 70 years old.  No offense but this and #1 and may be time for a change.

But the system and the kids desire are still there.  I don't see X dropping very much if any.  Lacrosse is a great game.  I hope it grows.  Covid really hurt it's growth.

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