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2023 Player Spotlight with Isaiah Johnson from Randall Cooper High School

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Name Isaiah Johnson

School Randall Cooper H.S.

Class 2025

Positions played? WR, QB, and FS

What makes playing football for Cooper so special?
The community always supports the program and they stay loyal. My teammates are some of the best guys I know and our coaches too!

How long have you played football and what keeps you playing?
I’ve been playing tackle football since I was 8 yrs. old but played flag football from 5yrs old until I turned 8. I continue to play because it makes me feel excited every time I take the field!

In watching your Hudl highlights you seem to make catching the football look easy even when you are in traffic and covered tightly. Can you explain what goes into making things look easier than they are when it comes to this?
It all comes down to willingness and focus in order to catch the ball. When you have these 2 aspects you tend to make it look easy because you are so zoned in, nothing else matters but catching that football.

What do you feel is your biggest weakness as a football player?
I’m not as physically strong as some other players.

What do you believe is the strongest part of your game? My hands.
I have a 10.5 hand size and whenever a ball is in the air, I’m going to catch it.

How would your coaches and teammates describe you?
They would say I am more reserved on the field, but I’m always ready to go! I'm focused, reliable, and very competitive!

What are your personal goals for this season as well as the main goal you have set forth for the team?
My goal this season is to have over 1,000 yds receiving and the team goal is to win state!

Of all the road games you have played, which stadium have you enjoyed the most?
I enjoyed playing at the Ryle stadium because it is always a big rival game and there are tons of people there watching and it makes the environment exciting.

In your opinion, who was the best player you went up against last season, and which team did he play for?
The best player I played against was Antonio Robinson from Beechwood when we had a scrimmage against them.

How important is spring ball as far as getting the team ready for the upcoming season?
Spring Ball is very important in developing the team because it shows us the base of both sides of the ball and it prepares us for what the upcoming season will look like.

Do you feel that you and your teammates are role models for the younger kids who come and watch you play?
Me and my teammates are definitely great role models to the younger kids because we all do the right things and we show them what it means to represent Cooper.

What is a food that you like to eat that most others do not?
Brussel Sprouts


What is your favorite song along with your favorite type of music?
My Favorite Songs are Lord Knows and Pain 1993 by Drake. My favorite type of music is Rap and R&B.

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Great young man on and off the field. He is someone who had played QB all his life before making the switch to WR last year. So he is only going to keep getting better as a WR, and should be one of the best WRs in the state starting this year IMO. 

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