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Highlands 3 St. Henry 0

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What a fun night had by all at least for the Birds fans.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn't called down to the field to be part of the dignitaries that pushed for the need for the new turf field.  I was though part of the AD's speech when he stated that there was a lot of disgruntled people out in NKY for hosting the 9th Region Semi's on such a poor quality pitch.  To everyone in NKY that is involved with soccer we thank you for finally stepping up and making this great turf field happen.  Job well done, it looked fantastic!  Now can we do something about the mile long walk to the restrooms?  

Enough of that, now onto the game:

Before I get all giddy about Highlands performance I will lay this out there that I noticed after team introductions the lack of calling #2 Amanda Schlueter's name, which being a competitor as I am I felt a little disappointed that we weren't facing St. Henry at full strength.....but Highlands still needed to play the game and I was sure St. Henry was going to play with a chip on their shoulder to play even harder knowing Schlueter wasn't going to be on the pitch with them.

St. Henry came out very physical from the get go, but the skill that Highlands showcased in the 1st half was just too much.  Highlands owned possession all half, getting runs to the goal over and over again.  Highlands connected some nice passes that got to Laney who spun around and I believe with her left foot was able to sneak a shot that passed the St Henry keeper. Highlands 1-0.

A few minutes later Highlands was able to get some overlapping runs down the side for Ava Meyer to hit a sweet cross where Anna Melson was screaming down the middle and got an extended foot out to punch in a sweet goal to make it 2-0.

St. Henry really never threatened to score all half, I realize this was very frustrating for a team that hadn't lost yet with Schlueter doing her thing.  The only mishap that the Birds did in the 1st half was Anna Melson doing a hard slide tackle into a St Henry player which resulted in her getting a Yellow Card.

Halftime 2-0

In the 2nd half the big story came pretty early when St Henry had the ball around mid field, Lani Keipert was fouled but St. Henry didn't lose possession therefore the ref allow play to continue, well Lani was very disgruntled and mouthed off to the ref for not calling the foul.  Whatever she said it was enough for the ref to show her to the bench with a Red Card.  Which means St. Henry had to play with just 10 players the rest of the game.

With that being said St Henry still played well enough to hold Highlands to only scoring 1 more time on a corner kick by Stein into the box where Cavacini was able to pull the trigger and finally get one into the back of the net, Highlands 3-0.....which ended up being the final. 

I realize that Norris probably would have enjoyed us capitalizing a little more with them a man down but I will take the win.  The Birds needed this game.....still a little bittersweet for this soccer fan to not do it with Schlueter on the field.

Glad the Birds could come away with the victory!

Still bitter.....LOL

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